OCZ ATV – New rugged flash drives from OCZ

It seems that manufacturers are really starting to understand the importance of making flash drives that can really take a beating. This is good news for me, because I’m not really sure what it is I do to them, but I’m hard on flash drives. OCZ as just released their new ATV line of flash drives¬† that promise to stand up to a beating.


OCZ Vanquisher – Keep your rig cool and quiet

OCZ has really made a name for themselves in the PC enthusiast market with their kick-ass memory. That’s not to say that they don’t make plenty of other cool products. In fact they have just announced their latest CPU cooler dubbed the Vanquisher.


DDR3-14400 Memory from OCZ blows away the competition

When you ask people who has the best RAM on the market, you’re going to hear OCZ come up quite a bit, and for good reason. They have just announced their new DDR3-14400 kit which looks to blow the competition out of the water.


OCZ unveils high-end DDR3 kits

If you like to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, then you no doubt have upgraded to a board using DDR3, or soon will.


FireWire flash drives from OCZ

We know OCZ mostly for their high-end RAM, but they also produce some pretty nice flash drives as well. Their latest USB drives don’t appear to disappoint.


OCZ introduces a water cooling kit for your memory – Flex XLC Water-Cooled RAM

I enjoy overclocking just as much as the next guy, but I’ve never really bothered with overclocking my memory very much. Usually the performance gains are minimal because even with a nice heatsink and a case with good airflow, you still run the risk of overheating it.


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