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Mix up tracks in style with the Baby Grand Master

Do you like mixing up tracks with a little style? Yes, I’m sure that two turntables and a microphone might suffice for some, but for those that need a little more, check this out.

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MP3 player headphones from Halloa

Tired of carrying around your MP3 player and your headphones? Wouldn’t it be easier if they just built the MP3 player into the headphones?


A guitar that plays music by itself

Despite my Guitar Hero abilities, I can’t play a real guitar to save my life. I’ve tried, I really have, my dad and brother both play. I guess I got the short end of the stick on real musical abilities. Thats why I stick to my plastic guitar. However, if you want to make real music from a guitar, this might be an easy way. (more…)

The Pink Zune is out now!

There has been a lot of buzz about the Pink Zune and when it will come out. It was originally not supposed to come out until May, however, it would seem that it is out now and currently listed at Amazon.


Sub-$100 HD radio from Radiosophy

Have you been thinking about checking out that HD radio that you keep hearing about? Well HD radio maker Radiosophy has got a deal that they hope will get you on the bandwagon.


Sony’s new Walkmans are disguised as ordinary flash drives

Wouldn’t it be cool if your ordinary flash drive could work as an MP3 player? That’s the idea behind Sony’s new E Series Walkman DAPs.


Another clone from Meizu?

We all know Meizu for their phone that they admit was greatly influenced by the iPhone. They’ve got another product coming out that bears a strong resemblance to an Apple product. Look familiar?

The M3 Music Card looks an awful lot like the 1st generation iPod nano. The main difference in looks is the touchstrip in place of the scrollwheel.

Reportedly it will support a wider variety of formats than the nano. Some of these include FLAC, OGG and XviD AVI files. Expect to see these for approximately $65 in China around the 20th of this Month.

iPod Nano clone confirmed [via looprumors]

Portable recording studio for the musician in your life

My dad and brother are both musicians so I am no stranger to music devices. (Though I couldn’t carry a tune to save my life.) So I enjoy taking a look at what the music industry has to offer artists that want to take their music to the next level.


A steaming cup of iPod, please

A well-designed dock can make the difference between your DAP having a fulsome life at home pumping out jaunty entertainment or sitting by the front door waiting for you to go jogging again.  Some companies go the high-tech route, packing in tube-amps, displays or, um, toilet-roll holders, while others rely on quirky design to catch your attention (and your credit card).

I.D.E.A. have obviously taken the second route.  I can’t imagine the single speaker at the base of this ceramic MusicMug qualifies as “high fidelity” but I suppose if you’re going to leave your mp3 player somewhere you might as well sit it in a cup.

Available now for $40

I.D.E.A. [via technabob]

Laser Turntable drops sub-$10k; any takers?

Seriously, I remember this slab of tech from, like, twenty years ago on Tomorrow’s World.  It’s a laser turntable for your vinyl, you sexy bearded classic audiophile – don’t put up with wretched scratching on your favourite Val Doonican LP, allow the five carefully focused lasers to caress the grooves and extract every last sod of music.

Careful tracking means the music isn’t affected by twists or warps, and since it apparently reads at a tiny 10 microns from the top of each groove it’s actually aimed at areas of vinyl untouched by needle.


Review: TerraTec NOXON iRadio

I confess, I’m preaching the dream but up until a month ago I wasn’t living it. The dream is, of course, distributed audio: I’m a huge fan of keeping all your music digitally on some server in your house, and streaming it wirelessly to whichever room you’re sitting in, but I’ve never had the money or time to set up such a system myself. Of course, for many DIY installers the flagship is Sonos’ incredible Digital Music System (reviewed by SlashGear last November), but there are other – cheaper – ways to enjoy your favourite albums while cooking, ironing or pooping.

TerraTec’s NOXON iRadio is one such way. A compact, 215x120x110mm box weighing just 1kg, it not only streams your digital music collection but can access thousands of internet radio stations, all played through the built-in speaker. An 802.11g WiFi adaptor takes care of wireless connectivity, as well as a standard ethernet port for network traditionalists, with control managed either by front-panel buttons or IR remote.


The force is not strong with this one

I have something to admit to all of you. I’m a Star Wars geek. There, I said it. Now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest I’ve finally found an excuse to walk around all day with a lightsaber attached to my belt all day. I’m talking about a combination lightsaber and mp3 player. Ok, maybe it would be just a little much even for me to walk around with this on my hip all day.

At the time of writing, I’m not sure that this is an actual product. But the prospect of such a product was too good not to write about. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if George Lucas were to put his stamp of approval on it. Seriously, the man thought Jar Jar Binks was a great idea.

MP3 Lishtsaber Should Stay at Home [via Crave]

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