Music System

Arcam aim for serious CD quality with media squirting hard-drive

It’s a while until my birthday, but if I have any closet admirers out there you may want to start saving up for Arcam’s latest high-end home entertainment lump as I’d really rather like it.  The FMJ MS250 Music Server has a 400GB hard-drive slapped inside a four-zone media player, capable of storing up to 640 uncompressed CDs or up to 4,800 compressed CDs.



A slab of the sixties brought bang up to date

Okay, so the name is on the crummy side of kitsch, but if you’ve fond memories of jiving round the jukebox (or just Fonz memories of Happy Days) and have a spare $7,295 lying around to splash on a hard-drive based audio player, then Rock-Ola’s Nostalgia Music Center might be the gaudy thing for you.



A Zune for your car?

It’s no secret that the Zune isn’t selling well, but Microsoft has just been awarded a patent that may put a future version of the music player in your car.


More Pandora on the move: Zing WiFi player

Want mobile Pandora but don’t want to shell out for a Sprint contract?  Then you’ll likely be interested in the music company’s Zing prototype, a customised SanDisk device running the track prediction software.  TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington got to play with one, finding it “longer and thinner” than the SanDisk Sansa Connect and otherwise very mysterious.



Revo’s WiFi radio cuts the power-cord

If you read SlashGear’s review of the Terratec NOXON iRadio, you’ll remember that one of the key criticisms of the WiFi radio was its dependence on a mains power supply.  Unless you’ve got a long extension lead, it was pretty unsuitable for, say, taking out into the garden and enjoying music on the fringes of your wireless network.  Scottish company Revo believe they’ve solved that problem; their Pico WiFi Radio has a built-in rechargeable battery pack.



Zune – Halo 3 edition

If you’re a big fan of Halo 3 and you’re in the market for a new Zune, now is the perfect opportunity to combine your love of the first-person shooter and your music. Microsoft is releasing a special edition Halo 3 Zune.


The SoundTile Speakers from Kohler

A large portion of people enjoy their tunes while they are in the shower. Some actually invest in fancy radios; others just stick a regular cd player on the back of the toilet. Well Kohler has developed set of speakers that definitely look a lot more chic than most of the other options on the market now.


Solar-powered headphones let you rock all day in the sun

Solar-powered gadgets are the best. It’s just such a hassle to mess with recharging batteries all of the time, so it’s nice to see products like these headphone that charge themselves while you’re jogging outdoors or mowing you lawn.

The headphones have a built-in AM/FM tuner for your listening pleasure. Sadly, that’s the only way to pump music through these headphones. But they have a thin solar panel across the top that can gather enough energy in 4 hours of sunlight to let it run for a full 19 hours.


Mix up tracks in style with the Baby Grand Master

Do you like mixing up tracks with a little style? Yes, I’m sure that two turntables and a microphone might suffice for some, but for those that need a little more, check this out.

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MP3 player headphones from Halloa

Tired of carrying around your MP3 player and your headphones? Wouldn’t it be easier if they just built the MP3 player into the headphones?


A guitar that plays music by itself

Despite my Guitar Hero abilities, I can’t play a real guitar to save my life. I’ve tried, I really have, my dad and brother both play. I guess I got the short end of the stick on real musical abilities. Thats why I stick to my plastic guitar. However, if you want to make real music from a guitar, this might be an easy way. (more…)

The Pink Zune is out now!

There has been a lot of buzz about the Pink Zune and when it will come out. It was originally not supposed to come out until May, however, it would seem that it is out now and currently listed at Amazon.


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