Nokia N81 8GB Hands On

Our own Vincent Nguyen is back with a new round of “Ha! I have a really nice Nokia and you don’t” for your enjoyment. If only I could catch him on one of his benevolent days that sucker would be mine, but alas, today is not that day, once again, its mostly pics and some specs with the promise of a review later.


Addonics Rolls Out HD-DVD Blu-Ray Combo Drive

The Addonics Zebra family joins the Hi-Def venture with the release of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD combo player. The multiple functional optical drive also supports legacy DVD, DVD DL, CD and burns DVD±R/RW and CDRW media . Bundled with Cyberlink High-Def Suite, it enables PC user to have one universal optical drive solution for standard and HD multimedia playback.


Razer Mako 2.1 PC Speakers

This 2.1 PC speaker system is absolutely amazing. Would you believe this thing will crank out 300 watts?

Furthermore its THX certified, and have a Class HD amplifier to power everything. On top of that there are THX Slot Speaker technology integrated into the system with its downward firing mids and highs.


XRoad V4050 dropping stateside

Well this is a pretty amazing GPS unit, but is really dependent on price, especially after Nokia released the N810 with integrated GPS. This unit has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a SiRF Star III chipset, which is as good as it gets in the consumer market.

On top of that, there is an SD card slot and a multimedia app that supports MP3, MPEG-4, and JPG files. That’s not a bad list of features, but again, compared to the N810, price will be the major selling point.


Clarion MAX973HD

Clarion, proof that all it does take to make it in any business is to continually make the best products available, this unit is no different. Where most units that offer touch screen navigation and also have a DVD drive use that DVD drive for navigation, this one doesn’t, which is a good thing.

Now you might wonder why it would matter if you used a DVD for navigation or not when you only have one screen, well that’s just it, you can add extra monitors to this thing and display two different things from the main screen to the auxiliary ones. So you can navigate your way through hectic traffic while the kids(or chicks, whatever your motivation) in the back watch a DVD all from the same head unit.


Blu:Sens G01 Navi unit has satellite imagery

There are actually two new models the G01 and the G02 the G02 just has a bigger hard drive. Onto the G01 though, so it has a 4.3-inch screen, probably touchscreen, and a 30GB HDD (the G02 has 40GB).


Euricase ring box has an LCD

Want your proposal or ring giving ceremony to be remembered for a long time? Well you can start by buying a really nice ring, the next step though, is to buy this ring box that has a 2-inch LCD built in that can play video, show pictures, and more.

The memory that is included can do a slide show of up to 500 pics or up to an hour of video. There are also LED lights to shine onto the ring, since, you know, presentation is everything.


Yamaha Tenori-On Sequencer or A/V Art?

So it is a device, covered, at least on the front, in LED back-lit rubber buttons. Not only do these buttons work to make music, but with the built in visuals while the thing is working, they create art.

There is a video below, and that guy is clearly not having his first go at the device. However, it does seem simple enough, and with a low enough learning curve that it would probably be fairly easy to learn to use with some practice.


Venzero Slickr PMP Feature-Packed

It is not an iPhone competitor or has phone functions at all for that matter. What it does have is quite impressive though. On top of looking just as sexy as a mini-iPhone it offers up 2GB of storage and an SD card slot for storage expansion.


New PMP From TEAC Gives Apple a Run For Their Money

Sure its small available capacities(1, 2, and 4GB) are a slight defect, but it offers up a few features no iPod ever has. Such features as a touchscreen, FM radio, SD/MMC card slot, and those are just the hard hitters. The TEAC MP-600 looks pretty too.


Cowon L2 – GPS, DMP, and PMP Combo

All-in-one gadget is coming like a big storm. Cowon is part of that storm with its L2. The Cowon L2 is a combo of GPS, DMP, and PMP. Sleek design and portability makes this a dream multimedia gadget. Weighting only 512grams and 191x120x26mm dimension, the L2 features 7-inches WGVGA display and 2GB built-in storage.


Coming soon to your PVR: P2P

Peer to Peer networks are very popular these days, though most of them have very shady and not-quite-legal intentions. One legal P2P network that will be debuting soon comes to us from NDS that creates PVRs for DirecTV. A PVR with it’s own P2P network, I like the sound of that.

The first thing you have to look at is their new “Distributed DVR” which essentially lets you share the content stored on the PVR with any of the PC’s on your home network. Now that by itself is enough to make me want one. But here’s the kicker, they’re going to introduce ShareTV, a P2P network that allows subscribers to view and download content from any other ShareTV user. And from there you can transfer it to your PC. Theoretically, this would enable users access to content from channels to which they do not currently subscribe. (I’ll pause to let you get your minds out of the gutter) I’m not sure how this will make the MPAA feel, but if they can get all of the legal issues, I think this will revolutionize the PVR market.

The first P2P PVR from NDS plus innovative “Distributed DVR” [via PVRwire]

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