Sony 1.5TB Home Media Server

Sony’s latest cookie-tin media PCs, the VGF-HS1 and HS1S “Liblog Station”, will launch in Japan on May 17th.  The compact system is intended as a home server, with gigabit ethernet, support for the DLNA media sharing standard and a choice of either 1TB (the HS1) or 1.5TB (the HS1S) of storage.  Media can be either accessed on the home network or from a remote location either through a browser interface or via a pre-established “data link function” that makes a non-local device appear local.


DIY Multitouch table project offers low-cost alternative to Microsoft Surface

Eyebeam are looking to bring DIY multitouch to the masses with their open-source Cubit project.  Promising a touchscreen table in the style of Microsoft’s Surface, only with a far smaller $500-1,000 build cost, Eyebeam have made the hardware schematics and software source code available for anyone to download.  They also sell a kit that includes the table, frosted surface and most of the electronics, with builders only needing to supply the computer, a simple projector and a webcam.


Check out the video of the Eyebeam Cubit in action after the cut


Sezmi unified IPTV & digital over-the-air home media begins pilots

When it comes to breaking into a competitive market, you can either make your product super-niche and fit into a gap, or you can attempt to smash through rivals like a wrecking ball. Startup Sezmi appears to be taking the latter route: they’re aiming to replace customers’ satellite or cable subscriptions (and the set-top boxes that go with them) with their own, 1TB hard-drive equipped hardware. Blending high-definition digital broadcast TV and broadband-based video-on-demand, Sezmi has partnered with Harris Corp and Sun and is rolling out the system in pilot areas.


Homemade A/V & automation rack wins DIYer a Prius

Keen A/V addict Simon Smith set out to save money by building his own component rack from scratch. However, as the install continued – complete with multiple audio zones, MythTV-powered PVR and even a fire suppression system – his hobby won him a new set of wheels. Courtesy of Intel and the ZDNet Homebrew Challenge, a brand new Toyota Prius hybrid is sitting outside Simon’s house.

The car – worth around £20k in the UK – is almost as gadget packed as Simon’s house, and of course is the ideal excuse for him to keep buying A/V kit. Next up is active ventilation and some improved lighting. If you’re interested in home automation or distributed media then it’s worth checking out his build log.


Icy Box IB-NAS4220-B Network Attached Storage – does more than networked file storage

Not only does this Icy Box NAS box hold a couple of SATA HDDS, any capacity, and share it all on the network, but it does so much more. For starters, you can set up the two drives to run in RAID 0 or 1, Span, or JBOD configurations.


DVICO TViX HD M-6500A – long name, similarly long format support list

This is a multimedia player, but not the portable kind that you might take with you. Instead it attached to the rest of your home theater via its updates HDMI 1.3a connection and gigabit Ethernet.


DVICO launched latest TVIX HD M-6500A, now featuring Sigma Design SMP8635

New series of Tvix multimedia players has launched in Korea. The TViX HD M-6500A now featuring a sleek and stylish aluminum black face, Sigma’s latest processor SMP8635 , HDMI v1.3 output and HDD with SATA interface support.


DVico TVIX Trash can shaped DVR almost as useful as R2-D2

It’s an HD network multimedia play that is also a PVR and HDTV Tuner. It can playback HD (and I assume SD is no problem either) content from its hard drive, USB ports, or from any computer connected to it via the local area network.


Multimedia Remote Watch tells time and changes the channel

Back in the good old days if people wanted to remember something they tied a string around their finger to help them. I think that’s where the Multimedia Remote Watch got its inspiration. Sure, now you remember to feed the dog but do you remember where you left the TV remote when you got up to do it? Now you don’t have to remember because it’s always with you.


Sprint Getting Samsung M800 soon

If you remember the F700 which is also known as the Croix, this phone will be like that, but thinner. It is believed to have a similar interface as the Croix, but with a new icon set for Sprint, it will have CDMA and EV-DO.


CES 2008: Ality Wireless PIXXA digital photo frame

Even though I don’t understand the need or want of a digital photo frame they seem to be prevalent on the market today and Ality released another one this week. It has an 8” LCD screen, Wi-Fi, a user friendly interface and a rechargeable battery.


CES 2008: Polaroid Freescape

Imagine combining the best of the TiVo and the best of a SlinBox all into one and you have a pretty good idea of what Polaroid is offering up with the Freescape. It’s a DVR, is a wirelessly streaming media hub, and it’s a place shifter, it is the ultimate in digital entertainment hardware.


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