Creative ZN-Z32G-BK 32GB flash MP3 Player launched in Japan

This little gem launched today, and I assume the 32GB is flash storage, every site I saw this thing at referred to the storage as “memory” and the capacity is a rounded out flash size like 8, 16, 32, 64, instead of HDD sizes like 200, 250, and 400GB. Anyways, it’s a Creative Zen model, and it comes in black, and it can store about 8k songs.


Elecom ASP-S750 portable speakers

How can you call a speaker set portable if it requires a power outlest? Regardless, these speakers are small, compact if you will, and crank out a total of 5 watts of sound from the pair.


HANA Electronics MP4 Karaoke Player

So all I had to use to write this story is the pictures, more of which can be found by clicking the via link, but from what I saw, there is a DAP that can play several formats, including those that Karaoke songs are saved in. Then you can hook it up to your TV for some hardcore karaoke action.


Roberts Radio launches WiFi Internet Radio/Media Player

I love WiFi radios, I have never used one (except on my PC, never a standalone unit though), but I love the concept, and this latest success from Roberts Radio is no exception with its sleek, basic appearance and WiFi functionality. You can even plug in your MP3 player to this radio.


iStation U43 PMP is amazing

Why is it that the companies from far away lands that no one has ever heard of are the people releasing the PMPs that could actually give the iPod a run for its money? Why can’t Microsoft, a multi-billion dollar company come up with something that a company in Korea with an operating budget likely in the millions can come up with?


pocketDevice Mphone Radio Number One Special Edition

That’s the distributors name, manufacturers name, and then the last 5 are the actual product name, in the title. What a mouthful, anyways, its an Italian device, and it’s a different look at a similar idea.

Basically they took and built a decent MP3 player, and then added the GSM phone functionality, instead of the general way of thought where they build a decent phone and then add an MP3 player function to it. Its very basic too, it weighs 60 grams, has an MP3 player, Phone, USB, Bluetooth FM Radio, Voice Recorder, and a 1GB microSD card that comes with it.


Special Edition Charlie Chaplin Archos 605

It comes pre-loaded with 10 films, surprisingly none of them featuring Charlie Chaplin. Go figure. No, not really, they are all films of Charlie, but you probably already guessed that.

You can still get it in 20, 30, 80, or 120 gigabyte versions and aside from the 10 Chaplin films you can load it up with MPEG-4, WMV, MP3, WMA, WAV, JPEG, BMP, and PNG media files. You can also surf the net via the integrated wifi connection.


The portable Card Mini Boom Box

A bit of nostalgia for your MP3 player. This faux boom box is a bit of a do-it-yourself project. It’s shipped as flat cardboard with two speakers and two AA batteries. I can’t guarantee that the sound quality will be phenomenal, but it would be a cool desktop speaker system for the cubical.


Haier ibiza PMP – trying to pull a Zune

So it offers up support for AOL video and the Rhapsody music store. It also has a form factor and interface quite similar to that of the iPod.

But it offers up a unique feature, wireless downloads from the Rhapsody-to-go music service and from AOL’s video service via WiFi. It also has an FM transmitter just like the Zune.


Tok Tak MP3 Player might be worlds smallest

Check out this little, very little MP3 player. The headphones are the biggest part of the whole setup.

So the MP3 player portion has an male audio jack that plugs into either the base station or the headphone’s female audio ports. I assume the player is controlled by twisting it or something like that.


The big ‘M’ with a bold new Zune

With so much hype around the new Zune, all eyes seem to be on Microsoft. They had big changes to make over their previous model, and the MP3 player market is so cutthroat at the moment. Of course when I speak of cutthroat I’m referring to the swift knife in Steve Jobs hand known as the iPod.


Parrot Boombox review – Who knew Parrot could squawk this loud?

Parrot is taking a venture off the beaten trail with this little beauty. Can’t seem to find a spot for it on the dash of your car? Good, because it doesn’t go there. The Parrot “Boombox” is Parrot’s first entry into the vast and competitive world of in-home speaker stations. Let us all hope that this is only the beginning of Parrot’s fight into the home stereo market.

The Parrot Boombox is a Bluetooth based speaker system that will link to your Bluetooth 2.0 cell phone, MP3 player or even your laptop. It truly fills the room with all of those songs that were so longing to be freed from the mono speaker, low quality sound that a lot of devices deliver.


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