Toshiba Gigabeat 802 looks very MCE-ish

The Toshiba Gigabeat 802 isn’t really much different than the 401, save for the fact that much like the model number, the capacity is doubled too. The 401 got WiFi added months ago, so that carried over and there is the new 8GB capacity.


Spark Universe Co. Ltd. cp-11s PMP

Its nearly a UMPC except it seems to be lacking a keyboard and its only running WinCE 5.0, not XP like it appears. It runs WinCE with 64MB of RAM and still offers up WiFi, MSN Messenger, Skype, TCPMP, WMP, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and a PDF viewer.


Mustek dv300t 6-in-1 video camera

This thing is a video camera to the same extent a decent cell phone with video camera capability is. The camera is VGA quality when doing video, and apparently has some sort of image stabilization for when its taking stills at a measly 3.1 megapixels.


Blackberry Bluetooth remote stereo gateway easily connects your wireless tunes to your wired stereo

This little 5cm square gadget connects to your favorite audio system via a headphone jack (which could be split into a pair of RCA jacks with the right cable) and then streams music from your A2DP enable device. That list would include your cell phone or possibly MP3 player.


Tactile Mp3 player with simple control

I wish I had an exact number of different kinds of Mp3 players there are. It would just be nice to have and throw around once in a while when you run across those people who’ve never heard of anything but an iPod.


Mustek PF-A950PS 9.5-inch photo frame has NXT flat-panel speaker tech inside

The latest digital photo frame from Mustek is to be shown off at PMA this year, but here are the details now. It has a 9.5-inch screen and part of the bezel surrounding it is actually a flat panel speaker being driven by NXT flat-panel speaker technology.


Motorola Z9 for sale now

Oh, you’ve never heard of it either? Well that might be why its only for sale on Ebay, and furthermore, why it’s the only one.

The gentleman selling the phone says that it won’t be out for a couple of months, and then says other than a few scratches around the screen and the fact the backlight for the keys don’t work, it’s flawless. The guy also says that it’s really just a Razr2 but in a slider form factor.

Now, the guy is clearly looking for a $500+ sell price as the buy it now price is $600 and he says he will include the data cable if the bidding reaches $500 or more. The gent also says that, at least until it’s released to the public, you’ll be the only one on your block with one of these.


Microsoft does have a heart, too bad they placed it on the back of a Zune

Just in time for St. Valentine’s Day you can now get a red Zune 80GB version. There is also apparently a new Zune Originals design as well which is reminiscent of fireworks, but with the centers and ends being hearts.


Sony has two new voice recorders – ICDUX70 and ICDUX80

The little USB Mp3 players piqued my curiosity. Mostly it was because of its stereo recording which has a nostalgia factor for me and turns this into a handy spy device and that’s like two birds.


1.5″ Digital Photo Frame/Mp3 Player

I’ve been mostly harsh on digital photo frames, I just happen to think they are a waste of space. This one, though, caught my eye and I have to admit, it’s probably something I’d buy. It’s a digital photo frame of course, but it’s also a MP3 player and it’s small and green and adorable.


Samsung drops YA-BS900 and YA-BS300

No the BS doesn’t stand for what you think it does, it stands for Bluetooth stereo, which is what these two units are, stereo speakers that get their audio primarily from Bluetooth sources. One of them is clearly more mobile than the other, but they both crank out 3D Surround Sound.


Sprint Getting Samsung M800 soon

If you remember the F700 which is also known as the Croix, this phone will be like that, but thinner. It is believed to have a similar interface as the Croix, but with a new icon set for Sprint, it will have CDMA and EV-DO.


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