Pioneer CDJ-400 for the digital DJ

Sure, it works with CD’s too, but that’s about as analog as it gets. It will read, and work with, MP3’s off of both a computer and CD-R/RW discs.

If you are using it with a computer, it apparently navigates through your file system to find the files you want similar to an iPod. There are “Scratch Jog Effects” which I assume is what they have created to simulate scratching since you are using media where there isn’t anything to scratch.


Bookeen Cybook E-Book Reader

It uses E-Ink so you only get whatever you are reading in black and white, but it will save you a lot of battery, in fact you can view up to 8k pages on a single charge. There is an SD card slot to store your library on too.

You can also use this E-Book reader to play MP3’s and display pictures, as long as they are black and white. There is also an RSS reader function built in.


Nokia E51 available in Germany

The E51, which was announced last September, is now available for purchase in Germany. It’s a business phone, and it can perform business functions like Speedy Gonzales himself with its 3G HSDPA and WiFi connectivity.

You can even use VoIP on the phone when you have a WiFi connection in order to save money. There is also a 2MP camera that has a 4x digital zoom.


NASD Technology NS-2010 Mercedes themed PMP

It has a 2” screen that can display up to 262k colors. You can play MPEG-4 and AVI video files on it too.

MP3 and WMA are the compatible audio formats. It also has an FM radio tuner built in and an SD card slot for storage.


Celland Enterprises Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame clearly has a severe case of mistaken identity. I think DivX and Xvid playback are a good place to draw the line between a digital photo frame and a fairly amazing PMP.

If not then the WMV, VOB, DAT, and MPEG-4 might help strengthen my case that this is not a digital photo frame. It also plays MP3s and Ogg as well as displaying TXT documents, and then there is JPEG support, the only real evidence other than the screen that this is in fact a digital photo frame.


Roberts Radio Robi

Those probably aren’t the three R’s your parents told you to learn in school, but they are the three R’s that bring you digital radio for your iPod. It also acts as a remote for the iPod, allowing you to control the iPod using this in-line device.

And, like I said, you can listen to DAB radio with it. One of these days we might see something like DAB stateside, but somehow I doubt it.


LG Shine Wood LB2005H

It’s a new addition to the LG Shine lineup, a LG Shine with a stainless steel cover that is etched to look like wood. Really it looks pretty nice, but sadly it appears to only be available in Korea.

Other features include DMB-TV, a two-megapixel camera, MP3 player, Bluetooth (hopefully with A2DP support), and an Electronic Dictionary. That’s a pretty good list of features for a clamshell.


Natural Sounds Enterprise D9280C

Well I guess there has been crazier stuff come out of China than this. But it appears from the design of this player; the designers over at Natural Sounds Enterprise have officially lost it.

They decided to completely disregard the user’s experience, I mean, just look at that highly confusing array of buttons on the front. It does however have a 2” screen, a USB 2.0 port, and SD/MMC card slots, which should make connectivity and storage a breeze.


XRoad V4050 dropping stateside

Well this is a pretty amazing GPS unit, but is really dependent on price, especially after Nokia released the N810 with integrated GPS. This unit has a 4.3-inch touchscreen and a SiRF Star III chipset, which is as good as it gets in the consumer market.

On top of that, there is an SD card slot and a multimedia app that supports MP3, MPEG-4, and JPG files. That’s not a bad list of features, but again, compared to the N810, price will be the major selling point.


Samsung F110 Adidas phone dropping soon

Well, the co-branding fairies are at it again, this time blessing a deal between Samsung and Adidas. The F110 is actually not that great of a phone if you are a geek, although if you are a more physically fit type of person, it’s great, with and included heartbeat monitor, step counter, and other sports applications.

It’s a 2.5G phone with GPRS/EDGE; there is also a 2” screen, a 2MP cam, and a FM radio tuner. It also has and MP3 player function and I assume a card slot of some sort.


NU Dolphin MP3 Player

Just this morning someone asked me if I wanted a waterproof bag for my MP3 player, I said no, that I had no use for it, they asked me if I ever took my Touch in the shower with me, and I laughed and said no. I really didn’t think that people actually had any interest in taking their music in the water with them.

Apparently they do though, as the NU Dolphin is 1GB worth of MP3 player and is made to go underwater with you. A charge will last you 8 hours of underwater goodness.


Audi Concept Device looks like a move from the James Bond playbook

The very same auto manufacturers you are thinking of are the ones working on a concept device that nearly does it all. It starts with an MP3 player and then adds on Wi-Fi, 3G via UMTS, and so much more.

It doubles as a cellular phone too, thus the addition of the 3G connectivity. It also does navigation, controls the functions of your Audi, and so much more.


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