Folding Door Guard – means you can fly back home with the dignity of clothing

If you travel a lot, especially internationally, you probably already know that burglars in other countries are either more abundant, or more ingenious, so staying in a hotel, regardless of the number of locks on the door, can be risky business. Well, the Folding Door Guard aims to address this issue in a portable manner.

This little device extends out, grips on the floor at the bottom, and forks itself around the door knob to make sure that door doesn’t move. However, if someone is capable of moving, or worse yet, breaking the tube-steel gadget then hopefully the 120 decibel motion sensor alarm would deter them or at least make them reconsider.


Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute underwater glider is self propelled

This little glider can power itself for months on end, well, at least its movement could be powered by itself. It still needs battery power for all the electronics inside that make it useful, but it can use the oceans warm upper layer and cool lower layer to move.


CES 2008: OpenMoko releasing new Freerunner handset

For those of you bored with the Neo 1973 hardware, OpenMoko is back with the Freerunner. It has 2D and 3D graphics capabilities, a 500MHz processor. There is also WiFi, and motion sensors, god knows how those’ll be used.


3DV Systems ZCam makes you work for the win, but its FTL

So the Wii comes out and everyone all of the sudden like working for the win in their games. Well, 3DV is jumping on the bandwagon with a motion sensing camera for your PC so you can use real time moves in your games.


Pacific Defense Bluetooth DVR pen

You guessed it; this pen is a DVR that has Bluetooth. It also has a microSD card slot. It has an audio detection mode too, so it knows when to start recording, and it’s designed to work in low-light situations. It can even send an alarm signal if motion is detected.

No, it’s not a DVR in the sense that your new Media Center PC is a DVR, this one actually has a camera and microphone built in. of course there is also a motion sensor, so its clearly not made for use by the standard person, and judging by the company’s name, its probably for spy operations.


Samsung Quad Pen

Do you frequently get inspired with an idea or something of that nature but never have a pen or paper to write it down on and know you’ll never remember it? Well this probably won’t help, but it’s a pen (that you’ll probably lose) that you can use to write on any surface, and it will record the motions and convert them into handwriting on your computer.

There is an electronic sensor in the tip that records all the movements to some sort of storage, probably flash, in the barrel of the pen. So basically it sounds like a slightly more adult/advanced version of the kids version that recently came out to help you with your homework and all that jazz.


Toshiba SpursEngine means hand gestures equal DVD playback controls

Toshiba is mighty proud of their new SpursEngine processing chip, and they should be, its pretty amazing technology. Its based on the same Cell technology at the processor inside your PS3.

They have two really cool products that they were demonstrating at CEATEC this year, one was some sort of real time facial editing, such as being able to change makeup and hairstyles on the two models sitting in front of the camera. That’s kind of cool, but not all that practical except maybe in the movie industry. But installed in one of their Qosmio laptops, I am sure all those YouTube users and MySpace whores could find a use for the technology.


GSM Cell Phone Zone Alarm Based On Motion

So if you are paranoid you might want to hop on over to Hack-A-Day to see the GSM based motion sensor alarm they’ve recently posted. Essentially what happens is when the alarm is tripped, during a certain time period, it calls someone.

Now who that someone is would be up to you, but I would recommend the police. At the very least you yourself should be on the call list.


Motion upgrade ultra-compact Tablet PC with shock-resistant SSD drive

Looks like Motion Computing got a little fed up of Samsung catching all the headlines with the launch of their Q1 Ultra UMPC, and have decided to hit back with an upgrade to their compact LS800 Tablet PC.  Already straddling the line between full-sized Tablet and cut-down ultra-portable, the LS800 has been available with a choice of pen or touch screens, and now Motion are expanding the range with a solid-state hard-drive.



Motion’s LE1700 appears on film

Toward the tail-end of last week we found out it was coming; now GottaBeMobile have had some hands-on time with Motion’s latest uber-slate, the LE1700, and have come away pretty damn impressed.  There’s a full video review to be watched but to summarise, the most exciting points for me are the news that there’ll be a MultiTouch (i.e. Active and Passive digitiser) option with the SXGA screen, which is a first for Tablets, and that there’s a built-in HSDPA 3G modem.

With prices starting at $1,999 for a Core Solo model, and $2,199 for a Core 2 Solo, it’s surprisingly reasonably priced.

GottaBeMobile video review of the LE1700 Tablet PC [GottaBeMobile]

Motion to raise the Slate bar

God bless the FCC; if you wanted a better way of getting pre-announcement product details then you’d have to start kidnapping company execs and dosing them up with sodium pentothal.  A reader over on GottaBeMobile has gone digging and found a filing by slate Tablet PC experts Motion for a new machine so far called the LE1700.  It’s not only a slender little bugger, it’s a highly spec’d one too; Motion apparently have their own version of the active/passive dual-mode touchscreen, called WriteTouch, and it’ll be the first slate with an SXGA resolution screen. 



Motion’s Medical Tablet caught on film

Look, a new Tablet PC handbag!  Well, no, it’s actually not much good for holding your lipstick and one of those tiny pens that are always so handy, but if you’re strutting around a hospital you might fancy one of Motion’s new C5 mobile clinical assistants.  That’s a fancy name for a ruggedised tablet: 3lbs in weight, wipe-clean for those unpleasing urine spills, and a 2-megapixel camera for snapping pictures of the cute patients.

In this video, shot by Scott Mase, Motion’s Scott Eckert demonstrates the slinky $2199 machine.  I’d be very curious if my doctor whipped one of these out at my next consultation (not least because the NHS is so poor they’re having to recycle dog hips into the elderly).

Google Video [via Scobleizer]

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