Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n green motherboard features Energy Processing Unit

Asus P5E3 Premium WiFi-AP @n green motherboard features Energy Processing Unit

Many companies went green last year, and Asus is being more innovative on their Green initiative. Asus’s new P5E3 Premium motherboard uses a new solution to make it more energy efficient - this solution is called ASUS EPU (Energy Processing Unit).

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iFixit disassembles the MacBook Air

So it looks like SlashGear just got their first MacBook Air, although I don’t foresee Vincent taking it apart anytime soon, at least not to this extent. So instead we have the pics from the folks over at iFixit as they slowly take apart the computer.

Once you get the initial bottom cover and battery off, everything else seems to be object oriented. What I mean by that is that there is the motherboard, but from there on, everything else is broken down into modules based on what they do, and then they all just connect to the motherboard.


nVidia nForce 790i chipset coming next quarter

With this new chipset you’ll see the C73 northbridge and the MCP55 southbridge chipset. As far as what that means, it means the motherboard will be able to support up to a 1600MHz front side bus.


eSATA going bus powered

For those that don’t know, eSATA is a version of the SATA connector that works externally, allowing you the same speeds of an internal drive with all the hassle of USB, except it requires a separate power cord. Bus powered refers to ability to transfer the necessary amount of power to operate the drive over the single connection, much like a lot of the newer bus-powered external USB hard drives.


nVidia dropping new nForce 780i gaming motherboard

This is about as cutting edge as I’ve seen a motherboard in a long time, lets start with the fact that it supports the Intel Yorkfield CPUs. From there we’ll move on to the 3-way SLI capability (can’t you see the 3 PCIe x16 slots?) and the 1333MHz FSB speed.


3-way SLI with nVidia cards now possible

To do this you need 5 things, the first, an nVidia nForce 850 SLI MCP motherboard, 3 8800 GTX or Ultra cards and a near endless budget to afford all of that. So, up until now, you had your choice of dual-card SLI or quad-SLI, the latter was really just a dual-card SLI setup, but with 2 double cards, now you have the choice of 3 cards.


ASRock Homer motherboard is like giving grandpa a UMPC

Making a new motherboard with some old-ass technology should be against the law. I mean this thing supports AGP video cards and has an nForce chipset that four series’ old.

They combined the M1695 PCI Express bridge and the nForce 3 chipsets on one motherboard and called it the AliveDual eSATA2. That basically means it will support almost all AMD processors still available on the open market, and you have your choice of PCI or AGP graphics.


Asus P5E-V HDMI and P5E-VM HDMI motherboards

Both are sporting HDMI, a new Intel graphics chipset, the 1333MHz FSB, DDR2 800MHz (up to 8GB) and so much more. They matched the new G35 chipset with the also new ICH9R chipset, which isn’t what was intended to be paired with the G35 chipset, instead it was supposed to use the ICH8-series chips.

The G35 chipset is what brings us the GMA X3500 integrated Intel graphics that support DX10, OpenGL 2.0, and Shader Model 4.0. The P5E-VM model is a mATX motherboard while the other one is a standard ATX motherboard. The full size ATX board also appears to have support for Crossfire if you are interested, the mATX board has one x16 PCIe slot, the other one is x1 or x4.


Motherboard from $200 Everex Wal-Mart PC

Its on sale, in a dev kit, sort of, it comes with the motherboard, as you see it in the picture, and a copy of the gOS Linux distribution that was meant to be run on the motherboard. The best part, it’s a mere $60.

That $60 gets you a motherboard with a 1.5GHz VIA C7 CPU, and it’s a mini-ITX motherboard, which means you can stuff it in any number of places or items. The RAM and the hard drive storage are up to you, but I would recommend a large CF card for storage.


Aaeon 820T – Tiny board features built-in TV out and 5.1 surround sound

If you’re looking to build your own HTPC (Home Theater PC), but want it to take up as little space as humanly possible, you might want to check out this Mini-ITX board from Aaeon.


Does ASUS’ P5E3 Deluxe motherboard live up to flagship billing?

ASUS’ P5E3 motherboard turned some heads when it launched in September, bringing onboard WiFi ‘n’ and a quick-boot Linux distro that gave easy access to media and internet browsing without needing to load up Windows.  It’s neither cheap nor simple, but ASUS was counting on their target audience of enthusiasts and power users to recognise the benefits of having Intel’s X38 chipset, Dual PCI Express 2.0 x16 lanes and support for DDR3 1800MHz dual-channel memory.  HEXUS picked one up and set to work running it through its paces to see whether this really is a fitting flagship for the interminable tinkerer.



EM-X270 Embedded Mobile Device can be a DIY smartphone

So what this is is a really small motherboard, basically. It’s been made to be mobile, and you can get Windows CE or Linux for it.

It comes with 128MB of RAM, 512MB of flash storage and a 520MHz Intel XScale processor. There are other chips built in, but that’s the real meat and potatoes if you know what I mean.


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