Nokia N82 might finally be unleashed

The entire existence of this phone is mostly speculation, but Nokia has gone and pulled a viral marketing stunt that has given the laundry list of rumors some weight. The ad has the N series logo, a red curtain and a countdown timer, which when I checked it, was at 21 hours and some change.

If speculation comes true, this N82 is shaping up to be a better handset than the N95, which doesn’t make much sense. Anyways, some of the more extravagant specs are a 5MP cam with a Xenon flash and auto focus and GPS, the rest are fairly plausible for a Nokia handset.


HTC Touch Cruise

Right now the details are kind of scarce, but its supposedly being called the HTC Touch Cruise, with the touch referring to the TouchFLO interface it shares with its other “Touch” branded brethren. The “Cruise” is likely to signify the addition of GPS to the spec sheet.

It has HSDPA, WiFi (hopefully it won’t be carrier crippled), Bluetooth, and a 3MP cam. On top of that there is a 2.8-inch touch-screen, and a microSD card slot.


Pacific Defense Bluetooth DVR pen

You guessed it; this pen is a DVR that has Bluetooth. It also has a microSD card slot. It has an audio detection mode too, so it knows when to start recording, and it’s designed to work in low-light situations. It can even send an alarm signal if motion is detected.

No, it’s not a DVR in the sense that your new Media Center PC is a DVR, this one actually has a camera and microphone built in. of course there is also a motion sensor, so its clearly not made for use by the standard person, and judging by the company’s name, its probably for spy operations.


LG KS20 for sale, if you are in Europe

This is another one of those Prada-like handsets from LG. This one has HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps and a 2.8” touchscreen.

It also has a 2MP camera, a microSD card slot, and WiFi. It also has Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 6, which is realistically probably one of the downsides of the phone.


VholdR wearable cam makes uploading your POV to YouTube a lot easier

So easy in fact, within the software there is a one click upload to YouTube button. It records at a resolution of 640×480 at a rate of 30 frames per second, not bad for such a rugged cam.

The ruggedness comes from the anodized aluminum exterior and the lack of a lot of moving parts and controls. There is a button to roll and cut, its one button though, and that’s all there is.


Samsung i780 being released in Europe in January

Now is it just me or does this thing look remarkably like the BlackJack? I had to double check, and they are two different devices, but the impending BlackJack II and this device have more than some of their appearance’s in common.

This smartphone has 3G HSDPA, GPS, and Wi-Fi, that’s pretty good for a device like this. Oh yeah, you know that one area where the BlackJack models are lacking, the whole lack of a touchscreen thing? Not on this handset, it has a 2.6-inch touchscreen.


SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC compatibility test

I ran a quick compatibility test of the SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC with five relatively new phones. Three of the five phones are capable of taking advantage of the full 8GB storage while the other two maxed out at 4GB.

The Nokia N95-3, HTC Touch from Sprint and the Blackberry 8310 from at&t passed the compatibility test with flying colors.


Hands-on & Live photos of SanDisk’s tiny huge memory card: 8GB MicroSDHC

After a little sweet-talking at the SanDisk event, Vincent was allowed to spend a few minutes in the company of their marvellously capacious MicroSDHC. 8GB of storage in something the size of a thumbnail is plenty impressive, although if you insist on carrying around the accompanying card-reader (which I suppose you could pretend was some sort of Star Trek phaser) the whole package gets a little bulky.


SanDisk drops 8GB microSDHC card

Well, with the iPhone and iPod Touch coming in 8GB capacities a single expansion card slightly larger than the home button on both of the aforementioned devices is nothing to dismiss. That means that you can take just about any modern phone and grant it the same storage capacity of the iPhone.

There are also M2 cards in the same capacity for those that have compatible devices with those cards. Anyways, like I said, 8GB of storage is a lot when it can all be fit on such a tiny, tiny card.


Kingston microSDHC cards

Our own Vincent Nguyen got his paws on two amazing items last night, the first was the Vodafone Croix, the second was the 4GB microSDHC card that he stuck in it. We are here to talk about the latter though.

So Vincent got to play with the 4GB microSDHC kit that comes with a miniSD and a full sized SD adapter. Since he was only using it with the Croix and his HTC Touch, he only needed the microSDHC portion, but when he uses it with his laptop and camera the other two adapters will come in handy.


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