Neo 808i is about as small as practical cell phones go

This tiny, tiny handset is like some sort of weird side-by-side version of your normal candy-bar form factor phone. Its really small but yet still manages to pack in WiFi, a 4MP cam and MP3 and MPEG-4 playback.


iRiver X20 in new 8GB flavor

It has 8GB of flash storage and a 22 hour battery life. There is also a microSD card slot for memory expansion.


Samsung SGH-t819 is as ugly as a brown Zune

For some reason T-Mobile and/or Samsung felt it prudent to not only design, but go ahead and produce and sell an ugly brown cell phone. Add to that the fact that it all runs on edge and that makes it all the less tempting.


Sprint Getting Samsung M800 soon

If you remember the F700 which is also known as the Croix, this phone will be like that, but thinner. It is believed to have a similar interface as the Croix, but with a new icon set for Sprint, it will have CDMA and EV-DO.


CES 2008: SanDisk 12GB microSDHC memory card out for testing

Less than three months after Vincent tested out SanDisk’s 8GB microSDHC memory card, the company has begun sending out 12GB versions to cellphone manufacturers to allow them to test their handsets with the newly massive chip.



Rumor: Nokia N95 8GB finally coming stateside?

Mobile City Online has a preorder going on for the North American edition of the Nokia N95 8GB with an expected arrival date of February 15th next year. This means that we could be seeing the announcement at next years Mobile World Congress.


Samsung F300 Clone might be better than the original

Sure, it blatantly rips off two designs, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily inferior. It has the same dual-faced design of the F300 and F500 from Samsung, but on the media side, in place of whatever controls the Samsung devices used, there is a click wheel just like those of the iPod.


T-Mobile adding Samsung Katalyst to their lineup

It’s a slider phone, and its fairly basic, it has a 1.3MP cam, music player, and microSD slot. That’s just for starters, it also has Bluetooth, WiFi, and it’s been added to T-Mobile’s Hotspot @Home list of devices.


DS gets another pimped upgrade, DSVision gets you video, books, and manga on your DS

The Nintendo DS is becoming the device everyone secretly wishes the PSP could be. The latest addition to the DS is no different, it uses a microSD card in conjunction with a DS cartridge to deliver video, comics, and books to your DS.


pocketDevice Mphone Radio Number One Special Edition

That’s the distributors name, manufacturers name, and then the last 5 are the actual product name, in the title. What a mouthful, anyways, its an Italian device, and it’s a different look at a similar idea.

Basically they took and built a decent MP3 player, and then added the GSM phone functionality, instead of the general way of thought where they build a decent phone and then add an MP3 player function to it. Its very basic too, it weighs 60 grams, has an MP3 player, Phone, USB, Bluetooth FM Radio, Voice Recorder, and a 1GB microSD card that comes with it.


Motorola RIZR Z6c nets FCC approval

The next addition to the RAZR-like devices is well on its way gaining the approval of the FCC. The Moto RIZR Z6c is headed to the VZW or Verizon Wireless.

This is another one of those devices getting the “World Edition” badging due to its dual-band CDMA/EV-DO and Dual-Band GSM (900/1800MHZ) which means you can use it in most of Eurasia as well. Imagine the Motorola SLVR, but in slider form with the RAZR style keypad underneath, and that’s pretty much the RIZR in a nutshell.


Verizon Samsung partner up for new FlipShot a.k.a. the SCH-U900

So what is it? It’s a high end media phone with a rotating screen. That’s a good start for the explanation at least.

It has 3G and all the included features Verizon has to go with that. The screen rotates allowing you to take all sorts of photos and other shots, but the screen will also rotate a full 180 degrees allowing you to close the phone and still view whatever’s on the screen.


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