Medical Gadgets

23andMe Personal Genome Service

So this company sends you a kit, and you send it back with some saliva (drool) and a thousand dollars and they’ll genotype your ass. You they check about 600,000 data points in your DNA and can inform you of bad things to come, such as inherited defects, a predisposition to certain health conditions, things of that nature.


Talking pill bottle patent describes mouthy meds

iVoice have been crowing happily [pdf link] about their latest patent, which describes a new way of pestering those on medication to pop their pills.  Titled “Methodology for Talking Consumer Products with Voice Instructions via Wireless Technology”, it covers individual medication bottles that have a wireless chip, microprocessor and speaker built into them, and which are given unique instructions (dose, regularity, total number of pills) at the point of dispensing by a separate computer. 


SensDevice is a mouse therapist for you

A few years ago I was sharing a house with a friend and they became so enraged with their computer that they threw it across the room. I’ll admit I’ve been really upset and wanted to do that but never enough that I actually did it. My friend could have used the SensDevice therapist in a mouse.


Conceptual Fire Extinguisher puts out flames by throwing balls at it

Last year there was a huge fire in my town that did some damage to my place of work. It was the first time “devastating fire” ever really hit home with me and I’m not ashamed to admit I have a slight fear of another fire being started to finish what the first one didn’t. I like to be safe and feel safe and I actually keep a fire resistant body shield in my vehicle. You can never be too safe. I’d really like to the Capsule fire extinguisher brought to life, I’d feel a lot safer with one around.


Baby Quasar – Age Reducing Technology?

People will do anything to look younger, especially women. It’s kind of ridiculous but people will be buy snake oil in any form. Baby Quasar claims to be the best all around skin care tool.


Eye Implantable Camera being developed

There are not a lot of things that creep me out, but the short list of things that do are usually strange and improbable. The implantable bionic eye however, makes the list. I know it would be helpful but the thought just gives me the willies for some strange reason.


10 Minute DECTECt test for Alzheimers

Alzheimer’s effects many people whether it’s those who have it or those who have loved ones who do. Georgia Tech and Emory have developed a new and quicker way to detect early signs of Alzheimer’s and aside from being useful it looks like fun virtual toy!


AlarMe watch helps notify the hearing impaired

I really like this concept watch from Nikita Golovlev. It’s a watch for the hearing impaired which can alert it’s wearer through vibrations of an alarm going off. This is a great way for those who live alone to remain safe.


Carina Implantable Hearing Aid

Hearing is something some of us take for granted. My sister has some hearing problems due to birth complications so we’ve dealt with all sorts of different solutions and hearing aids for her.

The Carina sounds promising even though it’s only in “phase II” of its study. It uses four separate implants in the skull, including a fingernail sized microphone. It has a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery which recharges via magnets you wear a couple hours a day. That kind of seems odd to me but since it promises a “natural feeling of sound” who am I to complain?


InstyMeds – Drug ATM

It’s my opinion that today’s society is heavily over-medicated. We have eight different pills for the same aches and pains, it’s just getting ridiculous. Prescriptions, however, are in high demand and unfortunately we’re experiencing a shortage of pharmacists.


Glucoboy Blood Sugar Tester

I’m just about the only person in my family who doesn’t need to test their blood sugar everyday. Maybe that’s a good thing but the gamer inside me is a little disappointed after seeing the Glucoboy, even though I don’t own Game Boy.


Siemens Acuson P50 is a MacBook Pro pimped for medical use

Germany’s Siemens dropped a medical bomb recently with the showing of this magnificent MacBook Pro. Personally I think these notebooks are small works of art without addition, but adding an ultrasound machine is an amazing feat.

Furthermore, it doesn’t add too much girth to the laptop, well, at least not for a freaking ultrasound machine. You can still use the MBP as a regular notebook with web surfing, email, all that usual stuff, but there is the added hardware for the Ultrasound machine, and there is some added software for the same.


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