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Macworld 08: MacBook Air is Apple’s long-awaited ultraportable

The rumors were true: Apple has announced an ultraportable laptop, the MacBook Air, will be added to their range.  Measuring just .75-inches at its thickest point and an amazing .16-inches at its thinnest, the MacBook Air has an LED-backlit 13.3-inch display, full-sized keyboard with ambient light sensor and built-in iSight webcam, and storms the shelves as the World’s thinnest notebook.



Macworld 08: iTunes Movie Rentals announced

A free software update, announced at the Macworld Keynote, will introduce iTunes Movie Rentals to iPod, iPhone and iTunes users.  The service, which will feature content from Touchstone, Miramax, Lions Gate, Paramount, Universal, Sony, Walt Disney, Fox and Warner Bros, as well as others, will launch with over 1000 titles by the end of February, with new content added 30 days after DVD release.



Macworld 08: Apple TV updated with streaming iTunes content, YouTube and movie rentals

Apple TV, the company’s wireless set-top box, has been updated so as to function without the need for a Mac, opening up the device to the thousands of potential users yet to invest (or unable to afford) one of Apple’s computers.  While iTunes content can be streamed direct to the Apple TV and enjoyed through a connected widescreen TV, owners now have the option to browse, research and buy TV shows, music and titles from the new movie rentals service direct from the set-top box itself. 


Macworld 08: iPod Touch feature update brings PMP more in line with iPhone

Today’s update for the iPhone will simultaneously be released for the iPod Touch, Apple announced at the Macworld Keynote, bringing the PMP’s feature-set more in line with that of the cellphone.  Charged $20 for the upgrade, Touch owners will gain access to the Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes and Weather apps from the iPhone, as well as the WiFi-assisted-GPS functionality announced today, together with WebClips bookmarks on the Springboard and the ability to customise multiple home-screens.


Macworld 08: iPhone update with Multi-recipient SMS, improved maps and more

A software update for the iPhone, announced at Macworld, will add a mixture of new functionality and what many consider to have been oddly missing from the handset all along, including the ability to send SMS text messages to multiple recipients.  Jobs also announced the ability to configure up to nine custom home-screens, including adding WebClips bookmark links to the Springboard which act as shortcuts to that website, and the Springboard icons themselves are easily rearranged.  The iPhone’s music app gets the addition of lyrics-support (that are superimposed semi-transparent over the album art), while video footage can be organised into chapters and now supports subtitles.


Macworld 08: Apple launch Time Capsule wireless NAS

First up from Steve Jobs’ Macworld 08 Keynote is a wireless NAS: Time Capsule is an AirPort Extreme complete with a server-grade hard-drive that works seamlessly with OS X’s Time Machine backup software.  Available in two capacities, 500GB and 1TB, Time Capsule resembles an Apple TV unit with 802.11n WiFi, and will be priced at $299 and $499 respectively.


We are here at Macworld 2008 – Don’t miss our livecast of the keynote

There is definitely something in the air, but no one really knows what it is – aside from Apple. We will find out soon enough as Vincent and James are at Moscone West getting ready to get inside the hall. We will start Livecasting the keynote on SlashGear Live at 9.00AM PST.

MacBook Air ultraportable info leaked by Apple supplier

With hours to go until the Macworld Keynote, the rumors surrounding Apple’s “There’s something in the air” slogan continue to simmer. A third-party Apple vendor has told Wired magazine that the expected ultraportable – believed to be named the MacBook Air – is “unbelievably thin” and constructed from aluminium and glass following the company’s latest design ethos. Shaped like a teardrop in profile – thicker at the hinge and tapering to the forward edge of the keyboard – according to their source the Air has both a physical keyboard and MultiTouch screen.

Concept images via Wired


SlashGear live coverage of Macworld 2008 keynote

SlashGear live coverage of Macworld 2008 keynote

Tomorrow is the day we will all find out what is really hidden behind those curtains at Macworld 08. “There’s something in the air” teaser has been giving the media many questions mark and resulted in so many predictions.

SlashGear’s team (Vincent and James) will be covering the keynote LIVE from Moscone West in San Francisco. The keynote will start at 9:00 AM PST time. If you would like to know what time the keynote starts in your city or time zone, click here.

Keynote livecast starts on Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 9:00 AM at

Note: You do not need to refresh your browser. The page will updates itself every 60 seconds. Livecast entries is shown with descending order (newest first).

The MacBook Air

The MacBook Air

[Update] Macworld 08: MacBook Air is Apple’s long-awaited ultraportable

Apple’s multi-touch Newton tablet will be MIA at this year’s Macworld Keynote but in its place might be the MacBook Air. Yes sir, MacRumors claimed to have heard various whispers that Steve Jobs will introduce the MacBook Air. Take this information for what it’s worth, because Apple has been known to send out false hardware specs and design info.

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Rumor: SlingPlayer coming to iPhone/iPod Touch

Word on the streets is that next week, at the MacWorld expo, we could see a new SlingPlayer for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Apparently this comes from on high at the Sling Media HQ, but one major concern is the slow speeds of EDGE.


iTunes $3.99 movie rental announcement predicted for Macworld

Apple are set to announce movie rentals via their iTunes download service, according to “people familiar” with the company’s media plans; priced at $3.99 per 24hr period, the service would include content from existing partner studios Walt Disney Co., Paramount and Lions Gate Entertainment Corp, as well as new additions Warner Bros. and Fox.



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