SlugPower remote controlled power socket

SlugPower remote controlled power socket

The picture might not suggest it, but this is actually a very clever power socket.  The work of Phil Endecott, it's actually linked up to a Linksys NSLU2, the network storage device known as the "Slug"; he uses it to switch on and off his seldom-used printer remotely from elsewhere on his network. 

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Linksys WRT610N router for simultaneous dual-band WiFi N

Linksys have released their latest WiFi router, the WRT610N, the claim to fame of which is its ability to simultaneously maintain WiFi band-N connections on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz.  The benefit is in being able to use each band for separate, bandwidth intensive applications; 5GHz has a shorter range but higher throughput, while 2.4GHz is backward compatible with earlier WiFi versions that would usually slow the whole network down.


Linksys WRT600N

Oh, all this WiFi N business makes me chuckle, they don’t even have a set standard, its still in draft stages, and they have been selling the hardware for like a year or something like that, so dumb. Anyways, Linksys is bringing you the latest from Draft 2.0.

It uses a Broadcom chipset for dual-band 802.11n goodness and even had gigabit Ethernet ports. You can even hook up an external USB drive and make it into and NAS as well.


Linksys caves and admits Vista Media Center Extenders are coming November

Thanks to an “accidentally” published preview, we knew Linksys had a couple of Vista-compatible Media Center Extenders in the works; now they’ve dropped the coy act and restored the teaser page complete with some high-res shots of the boxes themselves. 


Linksys leaks existence of Vista-friendly Media Center Extenders

It never fails to surprise me how many companies can’t seem to manage updating their sites to schedule – either you have a recently launched product missing from the pages altogether, or something new “accidentally” goes live before the PR department would like it to.  Today Linksys are the careless ones, putting teaser details of their Vista-compatible 808.11n Media Center Extenders online then whipping them down again.



Correction – Cisco won’t be killing off Linksys name

Apparently a story that we reported on earlier today was not entirely correct. In fact, it was completely inaccurate. We reported earlier that Cisco was planning on ditching the Linksys name in favor of using the Cisco name on all of their products.


Linksys – You will be missed

[Update] It’s always a sad day when a brand that we’ve grown to know and love meets its tragic end. This usually happens when a company is acquired by another, then after a period of transition, the name is dropped. Some names like Compaq have stuck around for some time. Linksys, however, is not so lucky.


Linksys throw the codec bucket at latest media streamer

After critiquing Lenovo’s lounge-bound ThinkCentre media PCs for their “unique” design, it’s nice to see that some things intended to sit under your TV are a little more classical in appearance.  Linksys’ KiSS 1600 Wireless Media Hub is, judging by the size of the DVD tray, a compact way to stream anything up to 720p HD video spilt out of its HDMI port.


There’s also a USB port for adding media to the network via an external hard-drive, say, or flash memory key.  Assuming you’ve got broadband you can stream internet radio and play online games; all for a smudge over $500.

Linksys [via Crunch Gear]

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