Fujitsu Launches Three New Lifebooks – The Dual-Core Brigade

Fujitsu Launches Three New Lifebooks – The Dual-Core Brigade

Fujitsu announced three new Lifebooks, which are all equipped with dual core processors. The first one is the N6420; an Intel Core 2 Duo powered desktop replacement notebook with 17-inch display screen, optional HD-DVD and TV Tuner available on build to order. The N6420 starts at $1499. The A6010 is a 15” Lifebook, is also powered by Intel Core 2 Duo processor and starts at $1149. The A3110 is AMD based, sporting the Turion 64 X2 processor and weight in at 6 pounds. The sleek white chassis reminds me of the iBook and white Macbook. A3110 pricing starts at $1399.

Fujitsu Rolls Out Three LifeBooks, All Dual-Core Intel or AMD [via gizmodo, product page]

Fujitsu debuts LifeBook A Series

Fujitsu’s latest LifeBook A series line of laptops is targeting budget-conscious consumers. The new laptop comes with either an Intel Core Duo T2050 on the A6010 model or an AMD Sempron on the A3110. These 15.4-inch midsized notebooks are armed with features for corporate users including a hard disk sensor that parks the reader arm in the case of shock to protect data integrity and a spill-resistant keyboard. Not many extras with this laptop, no fingerprint sensor, no TPM security chip, and no Bluetooth. Meant more for simple computing tasks. Will be available in October for around $1200 for the Sempron model.

Fujitsu launches A-line [Via: CNet Asia]

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