Laptop Case

The Simplistically Chic Felt Laptop Sleeve

If you like simplicity with your gadgets this cute sleeve is just the thing to keep your laptop protected from the elements. Just using wool felt and a wide elastic loop, it is probably the most simple sleeve to make.


Titan Luggage’s X2 Flash 18” Laptop Case

Now your laptop can travel in style as well as safety in Titan Luggage’s X2 Flash 18’’ laptop case. Aside from coming in an assortment of colors (Black, Champagne, Yellow, Pink & Green) it’s well padded and durable for all those bouts of turbulence you’re sure endure.

The X2 Flash can strap in not only your laptop but also comes with an area to store all your accessories so they too aren’t sent skidding about along the way. The case weighs just under 3lbs and comes with a set of wheels that rotate 360º.


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