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Kensington offers the Contour Balance laptop bags

Kensington is offering a line just for the women who need to tote about their laptop on a regular basis. Although they don’t offer bright and shining colors, they do offer a slightly more logical design.


Stella McCartney’s line of computer sleeves

Laptop bags more and more are getting to look a bit more stylish. With mainstream designers creating their own lines it gives us a lot more options to choose from. Well apparently Stella McCartney has jumped on the band wagon and created three very cute laptop sleeves.


Plastic People’s pretty pink laptop bag

Valentines day has all kinds of pink and red things popping up, some are cute, others make me want to throw up a little. This cute little bag falls somewhere in between, although I suspect if it had popped up a month later I’d be saying something a bit different.

This big laptop bag is made for anyone that enjoys carrying around half their makeup bag and want to touch up a lot. It features a cute little heart shaped mirror and a matching makeup bag. It also has a removable laptop sleeve that attaches with Velcro.


Persida Lapsac laptop bag

Any woman who tends to enjoy carrying around half of everything she owns in her purse might need a bigger laptop bag as well. This laptop bag can be used as more of a day to day bag, while still looking casual. In the picture shown by itself, it doesn’t seem to be that large of a bag. Yet when shown on the arm of the model, it is quite obvious it could hold enough to keep any pack rat happy.


Manila Envelope Laptop Sleeve

Well I can’t decide if having a manila envelope laptop sleeve is humorous or taking it too far. I shudder to use the word fanboy, but who else is going to buy this?


WiFi finding laptop bag

I happened to have made off with a couple of WiFi finding devices from CES so I personally don’t need a WiFi finding laptop bag. For those of you who do, you guessed it, you can have one thanks to Soyntec.


CES 2008: Mobile Edge Laptop Bags

Mobile Edge has some new, manlier, laptop bags. All I have are pictures, but I can tell you that they are both messenger style bags.


The Booq 90 Series SlimCase

This case offers clean lines that are rarely as flattering as they are on this case. The Booq 90 Series SlimCase is simplicity at its best. The overall look is so wonderfully simple and then the inside is packed with small pockets to organize all of the stuff we all tend to carry around.


The Kailo Chic Pleated Tote Green Hexagon

I always love coming across new laptop bags to drool over and of course pass on the pleasure to Slashgear’s readers whenever I have the chance. This incredibly chic tote is just the thing to carry around all of your electronics in style.


Halo 3 Messenger Bag is fit for Master Chief Himself

I’m going to go ahead and throw this out there… I’m a Halo fanatic. Just like classic Molly Shannon; I love it, I love it, I love it! I’ve even got a plasma sword keychain just incase I’m attacked by the flood on my way to town.


The Dolce Vita Laptop Bag

With Christmas coming up fast, its time to finish up that shopping. If you still haven’t found a gift for that special girly in your life (even if that girl is you), this laptop bag is a decently priced gift.

The Dolce Vita Laptop bag comes with a removable laptop pouch, just in case you might need the bag for books or an overnight getaway. If you’re into the messenger bag look, this bag’s unique artwork on the front flap definitely makes it stand out from the crowd.


The Giddy Up laptop bag from Pinder

Sometimes you need to carry more than just your laptop, like files and maybe a book or two. This laptop bag is perfect for that, it has one large compartment that can hold just you laptop or a few extra things.

If you don’t like how much you laptop can move around Pinder also sells a series of laptop sleeves. It will hold up to the MacBook Pro 15 laptop sleeve. Each bag also features a light colored interior, making it easier to look through the bag and find what you need.

The bag features two main compartments that both unzip all the way down the side. There is also a side compartment. The bags come in several color combinations and is made of ballistic nylon and faux leather trim. Currently the bag is on sale for $69.95 until December 31st in which case it will go back up to $125.

Giddy Up laptop bag and Holiday Sale at Pinder [via popgadget]

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