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Pink Lining’s Rose Plates Laptop Bag

Finding a bag that is overly feminine can mean a great many things. For some it’s some bright pink monstrosity, for others it is something a little more understated.


Recycled Laptop Bag perfect for back to school

It’s just about August which means many will be making their way back to school. For some, that means a bit of shopping and a new laptop bag. Well if you’re going to pick up a new one you might as well pick one up made out of recycled materials.


Ice Red Bags comes out with two new styles

Ice Red Bags have a couple new laptop bags to keep your laptop bag stylishly protected. They are both very different from each other, one being more sporty and the other a bit retro.

The Urban Laptop Tote Bag is the sportier style, it will hold up to a 15.4” laptop. It also has compartments for your smaller electronics and other random objects you may need to carry around. It comes in blue, red, gray and black.


Mobile Edge unveils QuickCheck TSA x-rayable hand luggage

Back in May frequent travellers were promised speedier security queues as the TSA confirmed it was going ahead with proposals to allow X-ray-friendly hand luggage; now named QuickCheck, the system is basically a set of guidelines that state a laptop in a qualifying bag must show up in an X-ray image as clearly as if simply placed in a standard bin.  One of the first manufacturers to show off their QuickCheck luggage is Mobile Edge, with three new travel bags.


Lexie Barnes creates brightly colored laptop bags

If you’re looking for some feminine laptop bags without them being bright pink and stamped with Hello Kitty, then these Lexie Barnes bags are perfect. The nice thing is that she doesn’t sell just one type of bag either.

She has sleeves, over the shoulder bags as well as book bags, all of which would hold your laptop nicely. She has a few different color schemes as well to give you some options. Each color scheme has several different accessory options to go with it too.


One man’s recliner is another man’s laptop bag

There are enough laptop bags in the world that no matter your tastes, you’re bound to find one that fits. If you’re going to put out the effort to find the perfect bag, you might consider snagging one from an environmentally conscious company. These bags are actually made of recycled car seats and armchairs.


The very chic Portobello laptop bags

Portobello has come out with a few laptop bags that look great and aren’t quite so obviously laptop bags. Instead they blend in well with the oversized purses that have become so popular.

The line has several different options, from the overly chic to the more relaxed styles, for those that don’t really fit with the faux croc leather bags. The best part is the security that comes with having one of these bags.

Each one has a tracker ID tag, so if you lose it or it’s taken you can easily find it again. The bags start at around $300 and go up from there. Luckily they have a line for both the UK and the US as well as other parts of the world. Their bags will fit both 13” and 15” laptops.

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Verona Suede Laptop Bag from Elif

If you really don’t like your laptop bag looking like a laptop bag Elifbags have a nice little alternative for you. We’ve all seen the oversized purses, so they have taken advantage of that and made a laptop bag that looks exactly like that

The bag is a stylish alternative to the cookie cutter boring bags that still seem to be in every Best Buy and Staples around. It also has a detachable phone and PDA pocket that comes housed with a magnet.

The bag will fit up to 15.4” laptops and has little metal feet on the bottom to protect it from dirt and being scraped on the ground. It is being sold for $499.

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The Untamed Laptop Bag from recycled materials

If you’re on the lookout for an environmentally friendly laptop bag this one is made out of recycled materials that have been put together to create the bag that is seen here.  Although it is environmentally friendly, that small fashionable bone in my body feels the need to point out that it’s a bit on the ugly side.  Since when does recycled laptop bag mean they don’t have to try to make it aesthetically appealing?


TSA X-ray laptop bags hitting shelves in 3-4 months

Being something of a geek, I actually quite enjoy checking out what notebooks people are unpacking when waiting to go through airport security.  However, I’d happily trade that for a quicker check-in, so hearing that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are working with laptop bag manufacturers including Targus and Scooba Design to create X-ray friendly carry-cases is, in today’s security-obsessed times, welcome news.  The new bags would exempt owners from needing to unsheathe their notebooks when going through airport screening, and would have be free of image obscuring padding, straps or electronics.


Juicy Couture Laptop Cases feature bright Spring colors

If you’re going crazy waiting for the flowers to pop up and add a bit of color to the seemingly brown and gray landscape, you might try snagging a colorful laptop bag to tide you over. This Juicy Couture bag is perfect to remind you of the warm months to come.


Chic Moonsus laptop bags

Although I tend to bash on boring leather laptop cases quite a bit, just because they are leather doesn’t always mean they are boring. These chic bags from Moonsus are offered in enough colors and styles to give quite a bit of a variety.


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