Asteroids Lamp for chic gamers

This may not be a product officially sold through the people that created the game Asteroids. It is still just as cool and by no means are small novelty lamps.


The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

As I type this up, I am currently staring at the chandelier in my dining room. The rental company decided it hung a little too low. So instead of being thorough and making a nice clean job of shortening the wire they just hooked the chain it hangs from a little higher and let the excess chain and cord sort of hang there.

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Brando’s eco friendly Firefly Lamp

Alright so Brando has a slight reputation for creating very odd and not always all that appealing gadgets. Many of them aren’t even all that practical, however, this cute little jar would be great for summertime on the deck.


The Dandilight Floor Lamp

As of this past spring this cute little dandelion was made available to purchase.  The cute little puff ball is meant to resemble the last point a dandelion reaches, when you can blow the seeds into the wind.

The lamp has a resin cast shade and an aluminum stand and would look great in any contemporary home.  From the looks of the site it appears that there are two different sizes.


The Lamp Chop Light takes out all the excess

This Lamp Chop Light reminds me of a pop up book, except it’s for you wall and it actually has a real function. Not that pop up books aren’t cool and all, but half the time the story to go with the pictures that propelled themselves at you, were practically nonexistent.


The Go Go Ghost Lamp made from plastic knives

It’s always fun to have friends over and have that lamp that they stare at intently.  Especially if they have that initial reaction thinking it’s just a pretty lamp, then pausing a moment to realize that the lamp is made out of random junk.


Design Miami features hand-blown glass lamps

This one can be tossed in the category of more quirky lighting, as if we didn’t have enough options before in that genre. Ye, it still is fun to check out the latest and greatest in lighting designs.


The Pudding Lamp gives an excuse to eat lots of chocolate pudding

If you’re addicted to your pudding or yogurt and are constantly tossing out the plastic containers, you might consider turning them into a lampshade. Kianee did exactly that, creating this very retro lampshade.


The Blender Lamp makes use of broken blenders

If you have an old blender that is no longer working and you enjoy quirky lighting, this DIY project might be something to try out. This would be especially cool if you managed to snag a slightly more retro blender off of eBay or if you knew someone with one just lying around.


The LightCap 200 gives extra use to your water bottle

When camping one of the main essentials is a water bottle, not many leave without one. So its nice that a company decided to incorporate that with a bit of technology to make an easy portable light.


The Retro Rocket Lamp uses old jet engine parts

Many of us, no matter how old we get, will still love rockets and everything Sci-Fi. Especially the more shiny type things. This very retro rocket lamp actually uses an old jet engine igniter can to give it that vintage look.


The hangman table lamp

I have over time gotten a bit bored of my bedside lamp. Yes, it shines on my nightly read, but it’s just so normal. It doesn’t move, do tricks or even have a geeky flare. However, I think my search is over, this hang man is perfect for my bedroom.

Yes, it might creep out anyone who spots it, especially in the bedroom, but it’s just too morbidly fascinating to pass up. The table lamp called Colgao was handmade by en Pieza! studio.

The materials used were electric wire and iron which was treated to prevent corrosion. It was created sometime in 2007 but the site does not state how to get a hold of the product or when it might be released.

[via cribcandy]

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