Sanwa peripherals have touch pads built in

Reminiscent of your notebook, these keyboards, presumable designed for desktop use, are wireless keyboards with touch-pads built in. I don’t know how many of you are a fan of your laptop’s touch-pad navigation methods, but I am assuming the percentage is low.


Three new phones from Toshiba coming soon

In order, there is the G910, G710, and G450. Sure, the 910 and 710 have keyboards which clearly mean they are smartphones, and thus interesting, but I kind of like the 450 the most out of all of them.


Matias Folding Keyboard – great for users on the go

If you have ever used a laptop, the smaller the better for this example, then you know that the keyboards on those ever-shrinking devices just aren’t even close to the keyboard on your desktop. Well, now, you can get the convenience of mobility and compactness that your mobile computer offers up, but with a full sized keyboard.

It even has a separate num pad, I am not in accounting or anything that uses a significant amount of numbers, but my num pad on my desktop is still nearly invaluable. So if you are in a number-intensive field then using the num pad that you have to use a function key to access is probably less than ideal to say the least.


Sub-$500 Optimus Maximus keyboards coming soon

Those hoping to get their hands on the uber-expensive (and equally cool-looking) Optimus Maximus keyboard are going to be a bit disappointed. They’ve completely sold out of their first run. The good news is that those that already preordered will be getting their units as early as next month, and new (lower) prices are on the way.


Optimus Maximus plays with crowd in Moscow

Whenever we or anybody else reports on developments in Art Lebedev’s Optimus Maximus camp, someone invariably pops up shouting “render!”  Well, either the Optimus guys are getting a whole lot better with their Photoshop skills, or they really did show off a working prototype of the OLED-keyed ‘board yesterday in their Moscow store.



Optimus Maximus OLED key video demo

Look beyond the rubbish camera work and here we have the first live video of Optimus’ Maximus keyboard showing video on one of its OLED screens.  And while whoever was filming didn’t tweak their focus well enough to give much of an impression of screen quality, at least the frame-rate appears to be reasonable – after all, you’re unlikely to be watching a full-length feature film on your F11 key!


Terpstra MIDI Keyboard – It has how many keys?

My current keyboard has a total of 143 keys. Do I use them All? No, there are several keys that I never touch, unless it’s by accident. So what do you think I would do wit a keyboard that had nearly double the amount of keys?


Logitech Classic Keyboard 200

The name just about says it all, its just a plain old USB keyboard, no frills or anything. There aren’t dedicated media keys, nor integrated hotkeys, just a play keyboard.

So why would this be at all important? The reason is as follows, it’s supported by the Wii Menu version 3.1.


Razer Lycosa – More than just another backlit keyboard

The other day we saw an interesting gaming keyboard from Belkin that was an all-or-nothing setup. Basically, it was good for hardcore gamers, but you still needed to have a separate keyboard just for typing. Here’s a new one from Razer that goes to the other end of the spectrum.


Optimus Maximus passes tests but still may be further delayed

I know, I know, we said we’d take it easy on the Optimus Maximus coverage, but Art Lebedev’s cunning OLED “all things to all men (as long as they’re rich)” keyboard is due to grab headlines again with some further good and bad news.  The former is that in recent testing (as seen in this photo) the Maximus passed preliminary wireless interference tests required for CE and FCC approval; the bad is that a potential shortage of OLED controller supplies (it’s just like Optimus Prime all over again; there’ll be a lot of disappointed kids on Christmas morning) may push the release schedule back once again.



New Apple Keyboards prevent accidental caps lock activation

How often do you use your caps lock key? I honestly don’t use it that much, as it only comes up in product names, and those can generally be typed easily with use of the shift button. I’ve heard talk of people wanting the key removed from keyboards as it is pointless. I think that’s a bit far, as some people do use it (though some people abuse it). Apple has taken an interesting approach in their latest keyboard.


White Optimus madness sweeps internet

Perhaps it’s a slow Friday, perhaps white is the new black, or perhaps people just love renders of unreleased keyboards, but Optimus’ news that their Maximus OLED keyboard will have – shock horror! – a white casing, rather than the black or dark-grey so far seen in images, has flooded the internet.



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