JVC Victor unnamed projector is amazing

And by amazing I mean roughly 4k worth of amazing. That’s not the price either, no that will probably be considerably higher, the 4k is a reference to the 4096×2400 (aka quad-HD) resolution.

Did I mention the 10k:1 contrast ratio? No? What about the 3500 lumens that beam up to a 200” picture up to 7 meters away?


JVC XA-AW33 floating audio player

JVC has been showing off its new XA-AW33 floating audio player at CEATEC 2007. Just imagine one of those floating chlorine tablet things, but sealed off and with media controls on the top and you pretty much have got a good image what this thing looks like.

There is some sort of special speaker in this thing from NXT which is a UK tech company. I can’t see a speaker on top, or on the bottom, so I am going to assume it is the gap that makes a ring around the devices top half.


CEDIA 2007 – JVC launches flagship Procision A/V range

If Sony thought they were going to have things all their own way with the launch of their stonking Bravia projectors then they obviously hadn’t paid attention to fellow CEDIA 2007 attendee JVC.  The company’s new flagship Procision range is intended for custom installs and prosumer home cinema fanatics, and at its pinnacle are two D-ILA front projectors, the DLA-HD1 and DLA-HD100.



Concept: JVC Quasar, 360 Degree Sound

This polyhedron of immeasurable proportions is a concept of a sound system that spits out sound to all 360 degrees. Now if that’s too much geometry for you, it’s a speaker that instead of outputting sound through one face or side, it outputs through all of them.

The one thing you would expect a unit like this to do is surround sound; sadly that is not the case. It won’t do surround sound, but it should sound the same in a given room regardless of where you place it.


Everio HD3 Camcorder from JVC impresses with 60GB hard drive

Capturing video in HD isn’t just for the pro’s anymore, more and more manufacturers are introducing affordable HD camcorders into the market. Take the new HD3 from JVC.


JVC announces breakthrough in LCD TV technology

One of the biggest weaknesses in LCD TVs is that they tend to have poor performance during fast action sequences. JVC has announced the second generation of their Clear Motion Drive, which is supposed to help deliver sharper, clearer images during those fact action sequences.


JVC media systems can access your PC’s content

There’s always been something of a divide between the so-called consumer electronics – DVD players, home theatre audio – and computer-based entertainment.  It’s meant that, in a lot of cases, people have been reluctant to upgrade to, say, a Windows Media Centre PC because their existing hardware then seems to be made redundant by virtue of its incompatibility.  You’re forced to make a choice between what often is more straightforward to control versus something with plenty of scope for customisation and future expansion.

JVC and CyberLink have obviously decided that this situation is helping nobody – after all, who profits from a consumer base that through fear or apathy sticks to their existing setup? – and have worked together to bridge the gap between the former’s media storage and the increasingly powerful entertainment computers many homes have access to.  CyberLink Media Server allows PC-based content to be streamed via either a network or USB to JVC components, meaning photos, audio and video can be navigated from a familiar remote.

Currently options on the DD-3 and DD-8 Network Media Systems, which will be available this month in Europe, both units also support USB hosting for direct playback of content on memory keys, external hard-drives and digital cameras.

JVC [via eHomeUpgrade]

JVC Launches New HD 1920x1080i Comsumer Camcorder

JVC is adding a new HD camcorder, the GZ-HD7, to their Everio line of hard drive camcorders. This new camcorder provides full HD 1920x1080i video quality with the convenience of recording onto a 60GB built-in hard drive. It can record up to five hours of full HD 1920x1080i at 30Mbps.

The HD Everio GZ-HD7 will be available in April 2007 for $1,799.95.

Marshmallow Headphones

These JVC Marshmallows will really plug up your ears. Say goodbye to annoying ambient noise without having to shill out a load of money on some big badass headset that’s too clunky to carry around. These very comfortable, compact, and affordable Marshmallows cost only around $20 and comes in blue and black.

JVC KV-DV50 – DivX in-car DVD Player

JVC announced the released of KV-DV50 to be released September in Japan. KV-DV50 is an in-car DVD player that will play more than just DVD, it support DivX files, WMA and MP3s. The disappointing part of this product is it will not support Dual Layer DVD. KV-DV50 will be priced at $250. No news about the availability and pricing of it for North America yet.

[via Akihabara news]

JVC Introduces LCD TVs with 120Hz Refresh Rate

If there’s one issue with LCD displays, computer or otherwise, it’s that they lack the fast refresh rates of their larger CRT cousins, resulting in image quality with a fair amount of “ghosting” to it. Well, JVC has the solution to this problem; up the refresh rate. Say hello to the 37-inch LT-37X987 and the 32-inch LT-32X987, the two new JVC LCD TVs with a 120Hz refresh rate, or roughly double the rate of today’s standard LCDs. This means that the picture changes faster, resulting in less ghosting and a higher overall viewing experience. The TVs aren’t cheap; the LT-32X987 will run you $2,000 while the larger LT-37X987 will cost $2,700, but thesse new sets should deliver in a way that many other LCDs sets simply can’t. So, if you’ve got the dough, go grab yourself one!

[via Gizmag]

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