JBL Control NOW Speakers

JBL Control NOW Speakers

If you've ever had trouble installed boxy speakers in corners, JBL has heard your cries. With the JBL Control NOW Speakers, you can easily mount speakers in corners without leaving that awkward space behind them.  

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The brightly colored JBL Spyro 2.1 Speaker System

On occasion I do get sucked in like most women, into falling for gadgets that are disgustingly feminine. These speakers would happen to be one of those things, but in my defense it does come in colors besides pink.


Infinity and JBL subs help decrease your home theater’s clutter

By going wireless they are not only easier to install, but easier to move and repostion, and like I said, its less clutter in your home theater. Now they haven’t quite figured out the whole wireless power thing, so you will still need an outlet to plug the sub into, but an outlet is probably far easier to come by than it is to install audio wiring to wherever you want your sub.

The downside, other than the price of each, is that they run on the 2.4GHz frequency which means wireless devices galore have a chance of causing interference. There are however four channels to choose from which combined with the channel selection on the other 2.4GHz devices in your house should make it easier to find an interference free signal.


JBL Shows Off $300,000 Home Entertainment Set-Up, Project Everest DD66000 Speakers

So there are 3 major parts to this story, first, there is an anecdote pertaining to a sheikh and a similar JBL sound system installed in his yacht, then there is the system showed off by JBL, and then the Project Everest DD66000 speakers themselves. So to start with the Project Everest DD66000 speakers, they are heavy, that’s first and foremost weighing 360 pounds a piece.

They will nearly cost you their weight in gold too, ringing up at a rounded $40,000 each. JBL says they haven’t been able to keep them in stock since they began production.


JBL Reference 610 Bluetooth Headphones

The Reference Series of headphones from JBL provides excellent sound quality, comfort, and style, designed to meet a wide variety of needs. Although all rather spiffy looking, the most deserving of our attention is the wireless R610 Bluetooth model.

The Reference 610 features integrated controls on the earpiece to adjust volume, select tracks, and play/pause your music. It’s equipped with rechargeable batteries and a universal battery charger. And should you need to be connected, it also comes with a 1.75m cable. Pricing for the Reference series ranges from $79.95 to $299.95. Shown after the break are the folded up 510 model and the 410 model.


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