iRiver aim high with Clix 2

If there’s one thing that’s been missing from my life it’s a DAP shaped like a slick bar of soap.  I’ve been weeping for the day when I can have an hilarious mix-up in the shower, accidentally electrocuting my underarms by lathering up with a flash-memory based mp3 and video player.  Well, friends and buggers, my search is over – Jenn at Pocketables has dried my tears and thrust the iRiver Clix 2 underneath my sniffling nose, and a damned fine soap-replacement it is.



iRiver S10 still exceedingly hot

I should probably say more about this Gear Live video of the iRiver S10, but I seem to be unable to say much other than “murble murble oh the pretty” Since as sentences go that’s really rather poor, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Sparky:

Seriously, iRiver, send me one of these things now! And while I’ve got your attention, make it one of these awesome watch concepts, please!


iRiver up the gloss-factor with UNIT 2 WiFi media-streaming display

Akihabara seem to be having some trouble deciphering the specs (and even the sheer purpose) of this UNIT 2 WiFi display cum DVD player cum PMP cum IPTV cum DMB cum VoIP cum who knows what else, but I’m quite happy to coo over the pretty photo until iRiver announce full details at CES this weekend.

Apparently they’ll also be revealing an update to the Clix PMP line, the Clix2, with a striking AMOLED screen.

iRiver Clix2 PMP

UNIT 2 the new toy from iRiver for the CES [Akihabara News]

More praise for iRiver’s S10 DAP

I can’t get enough of iRiver’s delectably small S10 DAP – with its intuitive controls and sleekly minimalist design it makes me tingle in my soft places.  Scott Clark over at Everything USB seems to feel the same, first waxing lyrical about the S10’s form and then over the D-Click UI, reserving some praise for the 1.8-inch OLED screen (“blazingly bright and filled with colour”) while criticising the included software and sub-8hr battery life.

All in all they make a very good case for the S10; it’s just a shame that it’s still not officially sold in the US.  Check out a couple of size-comparison shots after the cut, including one comparing the S10 to Scott himself.


iRiver S7 1GB mp3 player

If DAPs should be classified by weight classes, then the iPod Shuffle has definitely got a new competitor of its class. The latest from iRiver is their S7 mp3 player that appears to be intentionally the same dimensions as the iPod Shuffle. However, the similarity in appearance ends there, as the S7 does not attempt to incorporate any iPodish click wheel like other competitors, instead they opted for a tin-of-mint-look with what appears to be different lids to choose from.

The iRiver S7 offers 1GB memory, FM tuner, and supports OGG, MP3, WMA, ASF, and HD sound with SRS WOW technology. There is no information yet on pricing and availability. Continue after the break for more pictures.

iRiver S10 is tiny marvel

The lovely Jenn over at Pocketables has stumped up the import costs for one of iRiver’s tiny little S10 mp3 players, and is teasing us all with one of the most comprehensive reviews I’ve seen on her site so far.  It might be small but it’s got plenty of features and, according to Jenn’s ears, remarkable sound quality.

At $130 (plus around $30 international shipping) for the 1gb model it’s neither the biggest capacity nor the cheapest DAP, but her conclusion is that the style, straightforward interface and extra features make it worth the outlay.  I think I’ll go and have a look at who is importing it to the UK…


iRiver S10 gets up close and obscenely personal with the iPod Nano

I’m a generally well-behaved man with a decent pop-up blocker.  I don’t click on naughty adverts and I keep my laptop spam and dialler-free.  But we’re all animals underneath the civilised exterior, and I’m just as susceptible as the next gadget hound to filthy, sordid photos of the latest cute tech cavorting and frotting.  Forgive me, Lord!

MPnavi are sinful temptresses, and it’s thanks to them that we have this gallery of amorous PMPs showing off the slender iPod Nano and its chubby midget friend the iRiver S10.  Please wash your hands after you’re finished viewing this post, and keep it in a locked cabinet out of the reach of children.


iRiver Clix boasts 4gb in a tiny body

As far as I can tell, this is an on-set promo shot for Steven Speilberg’s latest film, Space Giants From Mars Steal Your TV Set, the convoluted plot-line of which sees Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant help a gaggle of Sony Trinitrons escape the clutches of a giant Dennis Hopper.  Or it could be a leaked photo of the as-yet-unannounced iRiver Clix 4gb, complete with clever directional control pad built into the front panel.


iRiver S10 – a True DAP!

iRiver S10 – a True DAP!

iRiver introduced a new player, the iRiver S10. The Korean DAP maker keep challenging Apple time and time again as they answer Apple’s new iPod releases yesterday. The S10 sports 1.5” OLED screen, SRS WOW, and weight only 17.5 grams with 42x40x10.8 dimension. S10 supports almost all Audio format including MP3, WMA, ASF, and OGG. It also features a FM tuner and available in 1GB and 2GB version. Battery life on this DAP last around 8 hours.

iriver S10: The coolest and the tiniest [via cnet]

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