Home Network Hard Drives – Iomega’s new cost-efficiant NAS solution

One of the best ways to keep all of your data in one place is by using a NAS. If you’re not familiar with the acronym, it stands for Network Attached Storage and it’s basically a network device for the sole purpose of storing files. They come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Iomega has just announced a new line of affordable NAS drives.

I personally just have an old Dell PC running a copy of FreeNAS to keep all of my files, I already had the hardware, and the software was free. Unfortunately it’s a full tower, so it takes up a lot of room and uses more power than is really necessary. Iomega’s new Home Network Hard Drives take up about as much space as a regular external drive, and will certainly use less power than a desktop.


Iomega UltraMax and Black Series External Drives for Macs

Iomega is rolling out two new external storage drives just for Mac users. The larger UltraMax sits nicely on your desktop with a whopping 1TB capacity while the ‘Black Series Portable Hard Drive’ is slim and compact with a 120GB capacity. They both come with FireWire and USB 2.0 ports as well as Retrospect Express backup software.

The UltraMax operates in RAID 0 mode by default, but can be switched to RAID 1 Mirroring for data backup. The Black Series drive is a small bus-powered hard drive that can operate without an external power source and spins at 5400 RPM.

Iomega Silver Series Portable HDD

Iomega Silver Series Portable HDD

Paying a $1.65 per gigabyte is rather steep because the Iomega Silver series will cost $169.95 for the 80 GB and $219.95 for 120GB model. It’s got Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and Firewire connections, and will work with both Mac OS X and Windows. It weighs less than 6 ounces, and use Iomega’s durable Drop Shock technology to help protect the drive and data from damage in the event you might accidentally drop it. I like that both drives are USB-powered which eliminates the need to lug around a separate external power supply. Overall, these two lightweight portable drives make a great solution for traveling photographers and videographers. Recording in high definition takes up a lot of space, so having access to a portable drive is extremely convenient.

Press Release and Product Page [Iomega]

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