Mod – Turn your doorbell into a real buzzer in time for Halloween

Halloween is only a short time away. For some that means you need to get  your ass in gear and get your costumes. For others, it’s all about decorating their house, and other still just want to pull pranks. Here’s a mod for your doorbell that combines the latter two.


Geek Inside Tee adds a little fun to boring maternity clothes

For all the pregnant ladies or those considering it sometime in the future this tee will keep you cracking up all through the pregnancy. Well ok, maybe not the whole way through but at least a couple of weeks.


Mystery Solved – Apple to announce mobile WoW for iPhone and iPod Touch at London Event

You know that Apple event that was recently announced in London for next week? The super sleuths over at Macenstein have been working relentlessly on uncovering the mysteries of Apple’s invitation. Their results may shock you. “Lord, now the Grum is on me.”


Video Game Store Manager Instills Good Behavior in Minors

If you are under the age of 18 and are still in school (I hope you are, unless its because you are a genius) feel free to stop by a certain GameStop there where Brandon Scott is the manager. This man is truly a pioneer in the retail world.

So, three things a assume everyone wants for their kids, good grades, no profanity or racial slurs, and for them not to wear they pants around their ankles. Well if your kids are into video games this may be necessary since if you kid exercises any of the latter two they’ll be kicked out of this GameStop.


Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death T-Shirt

Not only does it have the horrid red ring of death, but it throws in a little bit of 2001: A Space Odyssey while its at it. The shirt is made by SplitReason, as a company, they aren’t really anti-Microsoft, they are just good at making gamer gear.

Other than this completely hilarious RRoD shirt, they also have the “Achievement Locked” women’s underwear and the Mana coffee mug. The shirt says, in the HAL font, “I’m Afraid I Can’t Let You Play That, Dave” just to make the battle more personal.


Video of the Day – Piracy is bad, really bad

Today’s Video of the Day is an important message. We all know that piracy is bad, but I never realized that it was this bad.


Video of the Day – Internet Crash 2007

Today’s Video of the Day comes from the Onion. I’m sure that many of you have already seen this, as you trust the Onion as your primary source of news.


Humor: Microsoft Zune Phone Mockup, It Could Be Worse

No, it couldn’t, who am I kidding. So some people went to the trouble of making an entire video of what they thought the Zune Phone (zPhone?) would look like and some of its features if it were to be made.

Those features include a rotary phone dialing interface, Polaroid camera (the film type, not the camera brand), and a blinking LED digital alarm clock. Oh yeah, and the fully charged battery was dead by the end of the short video.


Video of the Day – Acronyms

Today’s Video of the Day is a little more serious than usual. I know a lot of people that aren’t familiar with acronyms used in everyday instant messaging. Hopefully this video will sort things out for you.


Video Of The Day: G4’s Distended Warranty’s First Music Video

Entitled “Red Ring Of Death” it’s fittingly a Death Metal Track.

They might be a little late as the Red Rings started quite a while ago, but their video is so good I’m going to go ahead and give them credit for it.


This is why you don’t use your iPhone on the treadmill

I won’t deny that the iPhone is a great piece of technology. Like it or not, it’s revolutionary. It’s not, however, some magical device that will save you from injury. In fact, if you try and save it from injury, you might just end up like some poor sap that posted his story and pics on Flickr.


Sousaphone Hero – New title from Activision fails attract gamers

Guitar Hero has been great to Activision, so it’s only natural that they’d want to try copying that success with spin off titles. We’re not talking about an expansion pack like Guitar Hero 80s, we’re talking full-on Sousaphone action baby.


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