David Jaffe thinks Nintendo = Ronald

Have you guys ever seen the movie Can’t Buy Me Love? It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen that movie, but I seem to recall it was about some guy that mowed lawns and hires a popular girl to be his girlfriend for a month. That really doesn’t seem to fit into the gaming world, however, that’s the first thing that David Jaffe (of God of War fame) thought of when he heard Nintendo’s comments about only “geeks and otaku” wanting extra storage on the Wii.


Video game power-ups in real life

After spending several hours emerged in a video game, the real world can seem pretty boring without all of those cool weapons and power-ups. Every now and then I stop to wonder what the world would be like if we had some of those items. Apparently I’m not the only one.


Konami Code displays easter egg in Google Reader

If you were a gamer back in the days of the NES, I can bet that you came across the Konami code at some point. In fact, I’d even be willing to bet that you can recite it from memory, despite the fact you haven’t used it in 15 years. Well if you want to put that bit of knowledge to good use again, open up your Google Reader and enter the code.

For those rare few gamers out there that don’t know what I’m talking about, the Konami code is most famous for its use in the game Contra (which is impossible to beat without the code), where it gives you 30 extra lives. Just in case your memory is a bit rusty, the old code is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A.


The Wii Fit finds multiple alternative uses

The Wii Fit has been out for a little over a week now and already people are finding alternative uses for it. Wii Fanboy has been throwing random objects onto the Balance Board to see how different things are measuring up and Joystick Division have come up with various alternative uses for after you get bored of the game.


Okami Wii cover features IGN watermark

If you’ve ever created a unique image that you wanted to be displayed on the internet, I’m sure you know what a watermark is for. While there are plenty of uses for watermarks, one important one is to make sure that no one else tries to take your work and claim it as their own. If they do try to claim ownership of the original artwork, they are made into complete fools by the presence of said watermark. That being said, Capcom has officially made fools out of themselves with the Wii port of Okami.


Behold! Record Label, the latest game from Harmonix

As you well know, April Fool’s Day falls on the first day of the month. Unfortunately I think Harmonix missed that memo. Perhaps they thought that they might get a few suckers by waiting a few days to pull your prank. It’s still pretty funny, even if it is over a week late. I give you Record Label.


Pirates of Crystal Chronicles are greeted with a very thankful screen

With the rise of high-speed internet came an increase in pirated goods. Anything from music to movies and video games are tossed up on the internet for all to download only a short time after (or sometimes before) they are released for purchase. After being out for only a very short while, a pirated ROM of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles appeared, and was downloaded by many. What makes this game different is that while the pirates are able to get ahold of it with ease, they are finding it rather difficult to actually keep playing it.


Lego Halo on the way?

The thing about April Fool’s that seems to catch a lot of people off-guard is that it starts well before April. Since for some reason magazine subscriptions have to come out a full month in advance (seriously, if your issue hits stands by March 1st, wouldn’t it make sense to call it your March issue?) people aren’t really prepared to read every word with caution. Which is why many people can be duped into believing that Lego Halo is on its way.


Fake Samuel L. Jackson accepts dare, Jack Thompson chickens out on debate

I would love to know exactly what goes on inside the head of Jack Thompson. As you know he already dared Samuel L. Jackson to a debate over a blog post written by the Fake Samuel L. Jackson. After figuring out that the post was a work of satire, he commented, noting that he still stood by his word. Now Fake Samuel L. Jackson isn’t one to back down, so he accepted the dare, and agreed to hold a debate with Thompson. What did Thompson do? He chickened out. I can’t say that I’m really surprised.

Apparently there was a good deal of effort put into arranging this debate. My mastery of the English language couldn’t possibly match the eloquence of Fake Samuel L. Jackson, so I’ll let him give you the skinny after the jump.


Sony teases with In-Shirt XMB

I love companies that drop not-so-subtle hints in a humorous fashion. Sony has dropped a hiliarious hint at GDC this week by making t-shirts that simply say “In-Shirt XMB”.


Ablecomm Batphone can’t dial out

This bright red phone was designed after a similar phone in Batman. It’s the phone that the police commissioner used to phone Batman when there was trouble in Gotham City.


We Will Never Forget: the Boston Bomb Scare

I am sure we all remember the tragic day when the LED effigy of Ignignokt magically didn’t explode, but was still thought to be a bomb. Who would have ever thought that people in the US would be so dumb and ignorant to think that an LED lit up sign is a bomb.

But they did, in the end; I believe two men were charged with some dumbass charges because they somehow managed to declare the LED signs “hoax devices”. So, next time you have a company and you hire some people to do some advertising for you, might want to be careful, they might be considered terrorists.


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