Samsung SCH-U700, SPH-A513; Verizon Gleam, Helio Fin

I have no clue how someone else got these images before us, but it happened (happens?). Regardless, this photo is supposedly of Verizon’s new Gleam a.k.a. the SCH-A513, and then the one that I am most excited about, the Helio Fin a.k.a. the SPH-513.

The Helio phone has been known about for a while, no full feature list and no photos up until now, but when accessories vendors and Samsung’s site itself listed the phone as a Helio phone, the gig was kind of up. The only specs that we kind of new about the phone (I know, don’t call us a phone company; don’t call it a phone) was that it had a 3.0MP camera, it was to be a clamshell, and so far its name is the “Fin”.


Helio Ocean hacked to include Opera Mini

I’m a person that loves choices, especially when it comes to my web browser. Even back when I was younger I was a Netscape kid, then again I was a Mac kid too. Nowadays I use Firefox, and I’ve got no complaints. I know that many people are starting to turn to Opera, so much so that the guys over at Heliocity have hacked the Ocean to support their favorite browser.


Mail for Microsoft Exchange beta for the Helio Ocean set to launch today

Tonight Helio is taking the wraps off of their latest project, Mail for Microsoft Exchange. The new program will be in beta form for 60 days, and will be free for All-In members.


The scoop on the Helio/YouTube partnership

If you’re looking for the scoop on the partnership between Helio and YouTube, we’ve got you covered right here.


Helio Releases New MySpace for Ocean Users

Have you noticed that if you try to get on MySpace by using its URL to view the website outside of ‘Myspace on Helio’ you simply can’t? I mean sure, one of Helio’s biggest boasts is their access to Helio that – until recently – no one else had. Although I like this feature it just seemed so plain. It worked fine; other than viewing pictures according to caption names it wasn’t bad at all. You could always find other users, view friends, post comments, message, and all of the other wonderful things you can do on MySpace. One thing is for sure though, I just wanted something different, which is why a part of me was happy to get the Helio Ocean because I could view MySpace whichever way I chose. Wrong!



Make your own Helio Ocean ringtones

Never underestimate the will power of young consumers. While Helio had said many times over that it’s not possible to load your own ringtones on the Ocean, well they’re dead wrong. A clever member by the name of underscorex1 of HowardForums brought to light how to turn your MP3’s, MIDI or MMF files into ringtones free of charge.


Guess what comes out today? Helio Ocean

Ocean is immediately available for $295 at Helio retail stores in Santa Monica, Palo Alto, San Diego, Denver and NYC, as well as via helio.com or 1-888-88-HELIO. GameStop/EB Games will start offering Ocean next week, all other authorized retailers will start selling it shortly after.

Remember that Ocean is more than a phone and not just any QWERTY handset. With Ocean, you get voice, IM, text, email, search, music, video and the speed of 3G. Running over Sprint’s nationwide high-speed 3G network, you will enjoy a boatload of services like over-the-air music downloads, and video on demand. Ocean’s other features include a 2.0 megapixel high-resolution camera, an HTML browser, GPS-enabled Google Maps for mobile, Buddy Beacon, first-of-its-kind full Web search from the device home screen, integration of IM presence into the address book, GPS tagging of photos and videos, MySpace on Helio and much, much more.


Helio Ocean Video Walkthrough: 15 free ringtones

Ocean comes with 15 free ringtones. I’ve been getting a lot of questions whether the rings are any good. Well it is hard to say since everyone’s taste differs. That is why I made this very blurred out video, but with good sound quality for you to listen to these rings for yourself.


Helio Ocean Video Walkthrough: Media Player

Ocean’s media player is intuitive and very easy to use. It supports MP3, AAC, WMA, MPEG-4, H.264, VOD and MOD files formats. While in video mode, flipping from portrait mode to landscape mode is as easy as clicking the down button on the D-Pad or you can simply flip up the Ocean/s screen. I’ve created a video walkthrough for your viewing pleasure.

Full review: Helio Ocean hands-on review

Helio Ocean hands-on review

The Helio Ocean is well covered on SlashGear, so everyone should be familiar with its features as well as what it’s capable of. In case you need to get up to speed, take a look at this page then you can come back to this article and understand why I’m so excited about the Ocean.

As you already know, the Ocean arrived this morning and I’ve spent the last eight or more hours diving into this beast. The most important point I want to get across to anyone looking to purchase the Ocean is this: keep your expectations in check. It’s a well-featured device (don’t just call it a “phone”), however Helio never intended the Ocean to act as a smartphone in the traditional sense – future versions of the Ocean, perhaps, just not this one. Okay, that being said lets delve first into the “personal entertainment center”, or media player. It supports MP3, AAC, WMA, MPEG-4, H.264, VOD and MOD files formats. While in video mode, flipping from portrait mode to landscape mode is as easy as clicking the down button on the D-Pad or you can simply flip up the Ocean’s screen. Since the Ocean isn’t a smartphone, it doesn’t handle multi-tasking; you can’t use any other applications such as IMing while listening to music or watching a video. The software does allow you to surf or buy music from Helio Music store, though. While you enjoy your tunes, you’ll still be notified when someone send you an instant message.


Helio Ocean Review: Come back at 11PM PST

I know many of you have boatloads of questions about the Helio Ocean.  Please check back later night at 11PM PST for the review, walking you through the ins and outs of the Ocean, including videos of the UI.

I promise to do my best to answer all the questions that came in and more.  Meanwhile have a quick glance at a side-by-side comparison between the Helio Ocean, the Treo 755p and its closest competitor – the T-Mobile Sidekick.


Helio Ocean Unboxing Video and Initial Impression

Now that the highly anticipated Helio Ocean is finally in my hands, months of sleepless nights will come to and end. SlashGear is one of a handful of lucky sites to get the first production version of the Ocean. There is simply so much to test out and write up before I can adequately write a full review. However, before you go and watch the unboxing video and salivate over the images, I have one word – WOW!

Helio Ocean hands-one


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