New Line Cinema echoes Warner Brothers in eschewing HD-DVD for Blu-Ray

After Warner Brothers turned up their nose at HD-DVD and placed themselves firmly into the Blu-Ray camp, fellow Time Warner studio New Line Cinema have also announced their intention to switch solely to that format.

As with its sibling studio, New Line Cinema is expected to continue releasing HD-DVD discs until the end of May.

Variety [via Engadget HD]

Big Blow to Toshiba, Warner Bros announced Blu-Ray Exclusive

Warner finally has the decision after long period of being dual format supporter since day one. The rumor came true; they are going to switch to Blu-ray exclusively. Recent leaks from Warner’s top exclusives have indication of Blu-ray endorsement if the blue camp continue to outsell its rival during the Holidays season. They made their choice; Blu-ray is the future. HD-DVD supporters will have their chances to get the last of Warner’s copies of red disks until then, Hi Def titles will continue to be released in HD DVD until the end of May of 2008.


Slashdeal : 4 Harry Potter HD-DVD Version with $9.99 Each at Amazon

If you aren’t interested in collectible and bonus material but the movie, Amazon has another HD-DVD BOGO including 4 Harry Potter titles : Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and Sorcerer’s Stone. The price is incredible; you can get all 4 for $39.90 with the promotion. Add the Order of the Phoenix for $24.95, you have all the 5 movies for $64.85 shipped.

Amazon BOGO

HI-Def Player to fall below $150 in Early Nexy Year

Have you got yet? You know, the downgrading Hi-Def player that usability and stability 10 times worst than you $39.99 DVD player? If you are looking for one, according to a report from Understanding & Solutions, the price will fall under $150 shortly, may be in the early year of 2008. Due to higher grow in demand and lower manufacturer cost, the price will fall sooner than expected. The current street price for Blu-Ray unit is around $300 and the rivals are $100 cheaper. Neither one worth more than your el-cheapo Chine made DVD player if you aren’t looking for higher resolution Picture and Sound Quality. For the trouble that consumer went though just to watch a simple movie, they should have paid us instead to use their immature protocol.

Study: High-Def DVD Prices to Fall Fast [via tvpredictions]

Toshiba’s Qosmio to get the World First HD DVD-RW

Toshiba Japan announced the 2nd generation Qosmio with world’s first HD DVD-RW just in time for Christmas. The new G40 as 17” screen with 1920×1200 resolution; the full functional desktop replacement is loaded with 400GB, 2Gb memory, core2Duo T7500, Harmon Kardon speakers, Vista Premium, HDMI output, digital tuner and recording capability with a healthy weight of 10.5lb. The smaller 15” at 1280×1024 will carry similar HD rewriteable feature with 200GB of storage and roughly 3lb lighter. The new Qosmio will be released in Japan this week at Decmeber, the 17th for the price of 400,000 Yen (~$ 3532) and 300,000 Yen (~$ 2649).

Toshiba, the world’s first HD DVD-RW drive notebook PC “Qosmio” [via Impress]

Warner Bros to Stand Neutral on Format War

The format war was heating up again with Pali Research analyst Rich Greenfield prediction of Warner’s exclusive endorsement on Blu-Ray coming few days ago and the switch means an end to HD-DVD. The Red Camp can relax and rest assures that it’s not happening anytime soon as Warner has denied its plan to stand on Blu-Ray exclusively.


Addonics Rolls Out HD-DVD Blu-Ray Combo Drive

The Addonics Zebra family joins the Hi-Def venture with the release of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD combo player. The multiple functional optical drive also supports legacy DVD, DVD DL, CD and burns DVD±R/RW and CDRW media . Bundled with Cyberlink High-Def Suite, it enables PC user to have one universal optical drive solution for standard and HD multimedia playback.


SlashDeal : Amazon HD-DVD BOGO

If memory serves me right, this is the first BOGO HD-DVD at Amazon. It’s to be expected with recent Businessweek’s piece on Warner’s endorsement toward the Blue Camp exclusively if Toshiba is to lose the software figures again this holiday season. The Red-Camp has been pounding the market with much affordable hardware while the Bluy army is going for BOGO software sale instead. Sony has 2 millions of potential Blu-ray users (from ps3) plus 700,000 standalone units to count on. Toshiba Black-Friday effort is paying off with total of 750,000 units sold thanks to Walmart head jump start on the HD-DVD $99 deal.


Blu-Ray Sucks! But they’ve somehow managed to nearly triple HD-DVD sales

2.7 million: 700,000 players is roughly the ratio, and don’t even get started on actual disc sales. Sure, you could argue for HD-DVD and say that 2 million plus of those players are PS3s, making the HD-DVD numbers seem more real, and for the most part that would be a fair assumption that PS3 owners aren’t buying Blu-Ray discs, but they are.


Samsung BD-UP5000 BD HD-DVD Hybrid coming soon

Alright, so, first there were talks of Samsung dropping a new dual format player before the end of the year. Then there were rumors that the same player wouldn’t make it out the door before next year.

Now there are rumors that its back on schedule for mid-december (next week). And, according to Dealerscope, who apparently received the word from on high (Samsung), the player is actually shipping to retailers now, and should be available by the original mid-December target date.


Tivo team up with Photobucket and Picasa for online photo sharing

Good news for Tivo customer with Photobucket or Google’s Picasa. You can now access your online web album up to HD resolution (namely 720p, 1080i) on your TIVO S3 or Tivo HD. Other features included sideshows, browsing and sharing with the convenient of Tivo Keywords search. Tivo used to has similar service with Yahoo! Photos but Yahoo ditched it right after acquiring Flickr. The latter choice is not much of an upgrade since Flicker is a much bigger photo sharing service in the industry. It would be nice if we could have all 3 of them.


Venturer HD-DVD, too little too late

First introduced by HD DVD Promotions Group early this year, the first Chinese-manufactured, headquartered in Canada Hi-def player that could change the outcome of the format war is here. The Venturer SHD7001 is finally available for sale at Warmart and Target store. I don’t know about how much influence it has over format war but priced at $199 is hardly shattering the already-low-price Toshiba units.


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