Last HD-DVD release from National Geographic

I don’t buy whole lot of movies in Hi-Def but I’ve been stocking up most of the wildlife films if I can get my hands on, you know? since I’m a self-proclaimed bird photographer and all. But seriously, I do have plenty of them in Hi-Def, including the war between the Tsaro’s lioness and buffalo heard, the Relentless Enemies. If you are a wildlife fanatic like me, trust me, you’ll love this documentary. On the other hands, it will be the last HD-DVD title from National Geography.


Microsoft has been in talks with Blu-ray camp all along

If you’ve followed the whole HD DVD vs Blu-ray format war, you may have noticed that people are declaring a victor. While HD DVD isn’t dead yet, it might as well be. This of course means PS3 owners everywhere have something to gloat about when talking to their Xbox 360-owning friends. For now at least.


HD-DVD : We ain’t Dead, Check Us Out at Super Bowl XLII

Toshiba looks forward to launch their largest yet HD-DVD marketing initiative after the Warner’s setback. They have reserved a 30-second Super Bowl XLII’s commercial spot at the cost of 2.7 million dollars to re-promote the current HD-DVD line-up features HD-A3, A30 and A35.


Blu-Ray Buried HD-DVD in Hardware Sales

The Warner setback really put Toshiba at the worst position ever in the Format War. We heard enough of HD-DVD trailing the Hi-Def software sales in the last two years, and now they are facing largest-scale of losses in hardware department as well.

The newest report from the research group NPD said Blu-Ray has an advantage of 60/40 margin in hardware sales at December, the split slowly increased to 70/30 in the first half of January, then finally led to huge 93/7 margin between the first and second weeks of January. (more…)

Saving Private HD: Live or Let Die ?

The HD-DVD supporters have gone though the petition route look to save HD-DVD format. Nearly 9000 petitions have been signed so far by HD-DVD fans urging Warner to reconsider its position in HD-DVD. I wish the content of the petition didn’t use words like “Greedy Sony Corporation or “Inferior Blu-Ray format” for reasoning but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Blu-Ray Discs Sale knocks HD-DVD Off Top 10 Chart

The result is in! The leading Hi-Def media in sale, Blu-ray is not only leading HD-DVD as expected but captured a whopping 85 percent share in Hi-Def market. Home Media Magazine has posted the most recent hi-def disc sales and also revealed none of the HD-DVD releases make it to the Top 10 list. The Warner decision to endorse Blu-Ray exclusively certainly plays a big factor in the chart. HD-DVD was holding steady with a healthy 39% share during the holidays season. It’s a completely different situation now with the World’s largest media company turn against them.


Rant on the 5 Free Blu-Ray/HD-DVD promotion

Some of you probably have purchased one of them, the Blu-ray or HD-DVD player with Free 5 movies offer in the mail deal. I sent mine out for god knows how long, if it weren’t for this idiotic reminder I could have forgotten all about it. I got this postcard in mail yesterday, they are asking if I wish to cancel the free titles promotion order cause of an unexplained delay in process.


Toshiba Looks for a Comeback with New HD DVD Marketing Initiatives

“We are shocked….disappointed”, those were the responses from Toshiba right after Warner ditching HD-DVD for Blu-Ray. It didn’t sound any better than Cowboys at the sore loser’s press conference after they got stunned by the Giant at the playoff. No more grieving! Confident that Paramount and Universal Studio wouldn’t pulled out on them as well, HD-DVD announced a new marketing initiatives to keep the Format Wars rolling.


CES 2008: ASUS Penryn-toting M51Sn laptop with GeForce 9500M GS video

While it might not be the smallest, the thinnest, the lightest or made from the most exotic of materials, ASUS’ new M51Sn certainly does have some notable guts. It’s available with a selection of Intel’s latest Core 2 Duo “Penryn” 45nm processors, the T8100, T8300, T9300 or T9500 (ranging from 2.1 to 2.6GHz) as well as the brand spanking new Nvidia GeForce 9500M GS video card, replete with 512MB of dedicated memory.


Paramount to drop HD-DVD?

It was barely 5 months ago When Paramount pledged to back HD-DVD exclusively, now they are about to drop it. The deal was said to involve cash incentive of $150 million, Paramount ditched the Blue for Red with 18 months contract. Can they break the allegiance now to side with Blu-ray instead? The Financial Times said there’s a condition in the contract that would allowed Paramount to back off the deal in the events that if Warner Bros is endorsing the Blu-ray. They aren’t sure if the same get-out clause apply to DreamWorks animation but seemed certain with Paramount. “Paramount is poised to drop its support of HD DVD after Warner Brothers’ recent backing of Sony’s Blu-ray technology,” If Warner move hasn’t change the outcome of the format war, this might just do it.

Paramount in HD DVD blow [via The Financial Times]

Toshiba’s response to WB move, we are shocked but not lost

Shortly Warner announcement on Blu-Ray exclusive endorsement, the HD DVD Consortium canceled their press conference at CES 2008. It wasn’t a silent retreat, perhaps a regrouping of new strategy destined to fail turn the format war around. Toshiba has spoken and acknowledged Warner shocking move to its rival but they have not lost the battle just yet.


CES 2008: Buffalo announce HD-DVD & Blu-Ray USB combo drive

Back in August we showed you the dual Blu-Ray and HD-DVD USB drive Buffalo were planning on launching in Japan, and lamented its absence elsewhere in the world; well, at CES 2008 they’re announcing US availability, meaning that the format-indecisive can take their pick from both new standards, as well as the old favourites CD and DVD.



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