GameStop no longer takes HD DVDs, including your 360 add-on

So with the official death of the HD DVD format, there are quite a few gamers out there that have a nice little box sitting on top of (next to) their Xbox 360 that does very little for them now. Sure, you can still play your HD DVD movies, but don’t expect new titles any time soon. Were I such a gamer, I’d have gathered up my HD DVD player, movies and headed down to trade them in for some cash. Unfortunately if you haven’t done this already, don’t bother going to GameStop.


LG Last Effort to clean up its Dual-Format Player

LG not like Samsung, will carry its rule to support HD-DVD with dual-format player despite Toshiba has decided to cease the HD-DVD business. They have, however, made no further announcement if the next LG would include HD-DVD capability.


Toshiba officially kills HD DVD, may you rest in peace

Toshiba officially kills HD DVD, may you rest in peace

It’s true folks, we all knew the slow death was coming and as of today, Tuesday, February 19, 2008, HD DVD is pronounced dead. According to Gizmodo Japan, Toshiba’s press release is out in wild. So there you have it, the Format War is finally over; long live BluRay. Jump over for the full press release.

Toshiba Announces Discontinuation of HD DVD Businesses
19 February, 2008

Company Remains Focused on Championing Consumer Access to High Definition Content

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The Final Days of HD-DVD, Redubb of Downfall

Has anyone seen the movie DownFall? An International acclaimed and award winning movie tells the Hilter’s final days in the bunker. If you have not, rent it now! Well, we already know how the story ended with the Third Reich. Here’s the scene where Hitler went ballistic when he learned about the inevitable defeat but some genius has it redubbed as the Downfall of HD-DVD, pretty funny if you think of the situation with Toshiba right now.


Wal-Mart Phases out HD-DVD, will support Blu-ray Exclusively by June

If HD-DVD is still alive by June, they will lose the World’s largest retailers, Wal-Mart’s blessing to distribute HD-DVD products nationwide. Wal-Mart has officially confirmed phasing out HD-DVD by early Summer and continue to support Blu-Ray (no surprise there). The company also says changes will take place quickly in the next several months and store-shelves will be rearranged to promote Blu-Ray movies and products exclusively by June. So what’s left for Toshiba in retail sectors? We expect to see Amazon joining the the HD-DVD-Shutdown Anonymous Group… very soon.

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Rumor: Toshiba to surrender on Format War?

We know how much you like rumor, especially one concerns the Format War. The Hollywood Reporter has ruled the current affair is not a longer a Format War but a format death watch. They have reliable sources that saying Toshiba is expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format in the coming weeks.


Toshiba HD-DVD Firmware 2.0 caused Jaggies on MPEG4 AVC with 1080/24p out

If you have not updated the new firmware posted yesterday, you might want to put a hold on it. The firmware update was successful, but introduced serious jaggies on Mpeg4 AVC material (Advanced Video Codecs) when used with 1080/24p. Keep in mind, it only affected 1080p out units like A30 and A35 with 24hz up-sizing on movie with mpeg4 AVC compression. No problem with VC1 material.


Toshiba Released new Firmware for HD-DVD models A3, D3, A30, A35

The long waited firmware upgrade for Toshiba latest HD-DVD player is here. I don’t have the time to upgrade mine yet will report its functionality later today. According to the released notes on Toshiba site, the new firmware 2.0, upgrading from 1.3, improves and fixes:

-1080/24p on (HD-A30, HD-A35)
-Network connectivity
-HDMI/DVI Handshakes
-Playback problem with some disc

You can download and burn it onto a physical disc for upgrading or just uses the player network feature to obtain the FW directly.

Best Buy to officially promote Blu-Ray to Customers? yeah right

I read worst Best Buy’s announcement with official recommendation of Blu-Ray product to their customer with a giggle. They are just taking the ride to get on the I’m-dumping-HD-DVD-Too headline train.


Plextor PX-B300SA and PX-B920SA HD optical drives

Plextor has been known as one of the leaders in manufacturing the best in the optical drive market, and these two are no different. Both support SATA, and can read and write to both CD’s and DVD’s, but the catch is what they can do with the new HD optical formats.


Onkyo is undecided on HD-DVD

Do you know how many CE manufacturers that are really supported HD-DVD and what they have in common? The RCA, Xbox 360, Venturer and Onkyo are all rebadged or manufactured by Toshiba, not counting the Korean Giants with combo player like LG and Samsung. The RCA went back to legacy DVD, Venture didn’t sell well and the word on the street is Onkyo is pulling out as well.


Where is my HD-DVD Superbowl Commercial?

It’s funny you can’t hear a darn thing during the game on a Superbowl party but it’s usually dead quiet during the commercial break, then a big laugh as soon as its ends. That’s the effect of $90,000 per second commercial spot, it is as good as it gets in the industry. We expect nothing less than mind-blowing ingenuity and creativity. If you’ve followed the news on Toshiba’s Superbowl ad, a week before the game, you probably wonder why it never get aired.


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