Official Activision Guitar Hero 3 wireless controllers not coming until 2008

That’s pretty much it, those of you that have the PS3 or Wii versions of the game can go buy a whole other copy of the game to get a second controller. For now that’s it, and the Xbox 360 and PS2 owners are stuck without until next year.

So, there are tons of knockoff guitar controllers, there is one guitar for Guitar Hero 1, 2, and 3, and another for Rock Band, and depending on what system you have, there were some random special edition official guitars along the way. That’s pretty much it though.


Drum Bag for Rock Band drums

I am really excited about Rock Band, I have yet to be able to make it out to buy my own copy, its been busy around here, but I am patiently waiting till I get a spare moment. But for those of you who have already managed to purchase a copy, I am sure you’ve come up with a slight transportation problem when it comes to the drums, there are a lot of parts.

Well, the makers of Rock Band have your back once again, they have, for sale, a customized bag specially made to fit all the drum kit parts inside in an organized manner. Now all you need to do is get some decent sticks, a drum pad, and then work on your technique.


Virtual Music With Air-Musician

Air guitar is fun and free. It’s a simple concept that lets the imagination run wild and requires no tools except for your own two hands. However, we as humans cannot leave a simple idea alone, we must expand it, and of course must make money off of it. Not to mention if one person manages that another will have to do it as well.


Gibson’s Robotic guitar: “Danger, Eddie Van Halen!”

No, it won’t warn you of impending danger. But it will automatically tune itself to any one of six user defined tunings. Using an on-board computer, built in servos, and magnetic ‘pickup’ coils the user can set the tuning as well as the intonation.


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