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Joan Jett, Cheap Trick and more to be featured in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Are you itching for a new Guitar Hero game? Don’t worry, you’ve got two new ones coming soon enough. We’ve heard a lot about Guitar Hero: On Tour lately, but not much has been heard about Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. Thankfully we’ve got a few new tidbits for you today.

When the game was announced, we were told that despite the title, Aerosmith wouldn’t be the only band with playable tracks. Today we know of at least four songs that will be included on the disc. Hit the jump for the full list.


The Chain Mail Guitar Hero Strap

Almost all Guitar Hero or Rock Band fans typically likes to customize and make their plastic guitars their own. Be it with a guitar strap or an entire sheet of stickers and occasionally one of the custom made guitars that most of us just have drool over in pictures posted on the net. If you like the guitar strap route, nothing says hardcore rocker like chain mail.

Although this strap might not fit as well when you’re doing a bit of the classic rock, it’d fit in perfect with a bit of metal. The down side is for those that like to play with groups of friends and typically pass their guitar around, the strap isn’t adjustable. You have to tell the maker the measurements you prefer and he’ll make it to your specification.

It is made from 16 gauge Aluminum rings, which apparently doesn’t tarnish. If you would like you can get a slightly more personalized strap and have a specific color of rings put on. The strap is currently being sold for $33

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Activision apologizes to Wii owners with a special faceplate

If you’re a Wii owner and picked up a copy of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, you probably noticed that the sound output options weren’t exactly up to snuff. If that’s the case, you likely sent off your disc and were forced to be without your game for much longer than you’d like. Don’t worry though, Activision has your back, as you’ll be getting something extra special with your disc.


Pricing and availability released for Guitar Hero: On Tour

Just last week we brought you the details on Guitar Hero: On Tour, the latest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise. As the name implies, you’ll be able to take this game anywhere, as it is for the Nintendo DS. The main information we were missing was the price and street date. Hit the jump for the official word on both.


Guitar Hero: On Tour information revealed

We’ve known for some time that the Guitar Hero franchise was going to be making its way to the Nintendo DS, unfortunately we haven’t really known much more than that. Activision has recently revealed new details about the game, including a look at the Guitar Grip peripheral that will be included.


Rumor – Guitar Hero: Beatles could be coming

Guitar Hero has easily become the hottest music simulation franchise here in the US, and as such Activision has started branching out a bit. They are moving towards releasing band-specific titles, the first of which is Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, however, who might be next? If rumors could be believed, it just might be the Beatles.


More mystery surrounding Gibson vs Activision patent violations

Remember that lawsuit that Gibson filed against Activision over patent violations? Well here’s an interesting fact about the patent in question. Gibson filed it the same year that Guitar Freaks made its debut in Japan.


Harmonix files, then retracts suit against Activision over Guitar Hero royalties

Activision really isn’t having a good week. They’ve now got a lawsuit in their laps from Gibson (which sounds like a load of crap) and now Harmonix is starting trouble with them. Apparently Activision still owes the former developer royalties to the tune of around $14.5 million for their work in the Guitar Hero series.


Gibson files suit against Activision for patent infringement in Guitar Hero

Since Guitar Hero made its debut back in 2005 (has it really been that long?) we’ve been rocking out with various Gibson controllers. I never really cared for the the X-plorer, but that’s not the point here. Apparently Gibson has just realized that the Guitar Hero game infringe on one of their patents.

Based on our preliminary analysis, the ‘Guitar Hero’ software (including any expansion packs) and the guitar controller provided by Activision being used as a musical instrument (packaged with the software or sold standalone) are covered by the … patent,” Gibson’s law firm said in its January 7 letter. Gibson requests that Activision obtain a license under Gibson’s … patent or halt sales of any version of the ‘Guitar Hero’ game software.


Two new DLC packs coming to Guitar Hero III

Since I got Rock Band back in November of last year, I’ve only played Guitar Hero III a few times. It’s not that GH III isn’t a good game (it is, really) it’s just that after playing the same songs over and over, you kind of want something new to play. Rock Band has been more than accommodating with their weekly DLC releases. However we’ve just gotten word  that for the second straight week there will be new Guitar Hero III DLC.


User-generated content not coming to Guitar Hero for at least 5 years

If we were to ask Activision what the most-requested feature for Guitar Hero is, I could almost bet it would be user-generated content. By that, of course I mean putting in your own music and creating charts for it. While Harmonix has expressed an interest in integrating such a feature in Rock Band down the road, we really haven’t heard Activision’s stance, at least not until now.


Guitar Hero III Mobile rocks AT&T phones

Remember back when we told you about Guitar Hero III Mobile? Well it actually came out on Verizon phones a while back, and we’ve been waiting to hear that it’s moved on to other providers. Today AT&T has finally had the opportunity to bring the franchise to their mobile phones.

The game will launch on roughly 30 phones, which include the V3 RAZR and Sony Ericcson 810, with more to follow in the near future.


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