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The Gaming Guitar Stand – for when you’re not rocking out

Anyone who has gotten addicted from the very first Guitar Hero game has likely gone on to buy the 2nd the 3rd and then if you had the cash, Rock Band too. Many of us have found our own solutions to storing the massive amount of controllers that come with all of the games. For some that means just leaning them against the wall or having one or two strewn about the floor yet some of us are making a bit of an attempt to appear like full grown adults and try to hide store them in a slightly more attractive way.


Rumor – Guitar Hero IV to include more than just guitars

When Rock Band was announced last year, the first thing that drew everyone in was the fact that not only could you rock out to your favorite tunes with a guitar, but you’d also have drums and a mic as well. According to a recent interview with Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, they are planning to do the same thing for Guitar Hero IV.


Guitar Hero Aerosmith pre-order details revealed

It won’t be long before June is here and we’re all rocking out to Guitar Hero Aerosmith. If you’re as eager as I am to get your hands on the game, you’ll probably want to pre-order it so you’ll be assured that you can pick it up on launch day. We have the official info on what extras you can expect to get for doing just that, as well as the official pricing.


Def Leppard to debut a new single as DLC for Guitar Hero III

It has become apparent that rhythm games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band are taking over as the best way for bands to reach new listeners with their music. We already know that between those two franchises, more music sold than through legal downloading, so it’s no surprise that a major band will be releasing a single on Guitar Hero before it can be purchased through any other medium.


Charlie Daniels does not approve of Guitar Hero’s portrayal of his music

When I first heard The Devil Went Down to Georgia for Guitar Hero III, I was quite surprised. The song sounded almost nothing like the original Charlie Danials version which I’d grown up hearing. (Living in the Midwest you hear this song at every single high school dance, no joke) The new version grew on me, and I began to enjoy it, however, one person that’s never going to like it is Charlie Daniels.


Activision settles lawsuit for Wii version of Guitar Hero III

If you’ll all remember, Activision released the Wii version of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock with a minor flaw. Well, releasing a game that depends greatly on audio with only the ability to output in mono is more than a small flaw, but they’ve made up for it, so who’s counting? Anywho, there was a class action lawsuit regarding this matter, and it has finally been settled.

A gentleman by the name of Samuel Livingston filed the suit seeking “actual damages, individual restitution, equitable relief, civil penalties, costs and expenses of litigation, including attorney’s fees, and all further relief available.” I don’t think the suit went exactly as he planned.


Colorware tackles Guitar Hero controllers

Alright it’s official, Colorware has to stop releasing new things that they can customize. The last time they announced that they were releasing the DS Lite I spent an hour on their site drooling over the possibilities. This time, I kept it at around a half an hour, so maybe I’m getting better at this.


Hotels offer Guitar Hero and Rock Band to entertain you

It’s news like this that makes me think that I’ve been staying at the wrong hotels when I travel. I don’t stay in the slums or anything, but I’ve also never been to a hotel that has offered Guitar Hero as a form of entertainment.


Guitar Hero III Mobile coming to BlackBerry – For Those About to Rock!

Hands-on Mobile and Magmic Games are the two companies that are partnered up in an effort to bring one of the best mobile games of all time to your BlackBerry. Being a primarily business oriented device the BlackBerry has been passed up on a lot of really cool mobile games, but this is one that you can mark off the list.

Personally I am just wondering if you’ll have access to all 5 frets or if they are sticking with the three frets that previous mobile versions have offered up. When you first download the game you’ll get 15 tracks including “Cherub Rock”, “Miss Murder”, “Monsters”, “Suck My Kiss”, and “Trippin On A Hole”.


Confirmed – Guitar Hero: On Tour will work with original DS

We brought you the official news on the new mobile Guitar Hero title not too long ago, which looks pretty cool. However, there have been some questions as to whether or not it will work on the original Nintendo DS. Red Octane has spoken up with the official word.


Five Aerosmith tracks announced for their upcoming Guitar Hero title

March is slowly drawing to a close, which means summer will be here before you know it. While I always enjoy spring, there are plenty of games coming out this summer that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Naturally, one of which is Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. We’ve finally gotten some info on what tracks will be included in the game.


Rumor – Three from Def Leppard to appear in Guitar Hero IV

Have you grown tired of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock yet? Perhaps the thought of playing GH: Aerosmith and On Tour just isn’t enough to keep you satisfied. If that’s the case, we might just have some information on Guitar Hero IV for you.


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