Google Chrome browser available to download; Install feedback

Google’s Chrome browser is now available for download.  The Chrome site now has details of the browser’s functionality, including video interviews with the development team and video demos of each major feature.  However this first beta release is only available for Windows XP and Vista; Mac and Linux owners will have to wait.

First impressions of the Google Chrome browser after the cut


Chrome is coming – why should we care?

Google have already admitted that they pulled the trigger a little early on the Chrome announcement yesterday; it was meant to hit the headlines today, in fact.  As of writing, the site still isn’t live, which means all we have to go on is the Chrome comic and some background understanding of Google’s webapp offerings.

Chrome is Google’s next step toward making webapps behave – or users treat them – more like traditional desktop apps.  Address bar and window-free apps are just the surface gloss; what’s key to Chrome’s likely success is its native inclusion of Google Gears and the custom JavaScript app, V8, that the company has had a special team working on. 


Google Chrome browser announced: integrated search, improved JavaScript

Google Chrome browser announced: integrated search, improved JavaScript

Google have announced plans to take on Microsoft and Firefox with their own open-source browser, codenamed Chrome, by releasing a specially drawn comic by Scott McCloud explaining the app.  Based on the existing Webkit rendering engine, Chrome will integrate not only tab-based browsing but Google Gears and a newly integrated search and address system called Omnibox.

Omnibox will replace the individual address and search boxes and offer search suggestions, popular pages and history pages.  It will also automatically replicate a webpage's own search box, allowing site and query strings to be entered simultaneously.  An Amazon search, for instance, could be triggered by entering "amazon", pressing tab and then the search term.

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