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The Laptop Sail Bag from EcoCentric

Laptop bags of all styles pop up, but sometimes it can be hard to find those eco-friendly types. Especially if you’re looking for a certain style. Well here is one more choice to consider, and they are made from decomissioned sails. The perk behind using a bag made from old sails is it would be extremely durable.


Mario Mini Skirt for the fashion inclined gamer

Gamer fashion shouldn’t be designated to quirky jewelry and t-shirts, you can’t wear t-shirts all the time. This Mario Mini Skirt is hot enough to turn even non-gamer’s heads.


Geek Inside Tee adds a little fun to boring maternity clothes

For all the pregnant ladies or those considering it sometime in the future this tee will keep you cracking up all through the pregnancy. Well ok, maybe not the whole way through but at least a couple of weeks.


MummyWraps protect expectant mothers

There are a lot of people worrying that being around all of this technology all the time causes physical damage. There have been rumors that cellphones cause cancer among many others. Well expecting mother’s might get a little nervous about all of this, since they now have an unborn child to worry about. Well now you can check out MummyWraps to keep your baby safe.


Crystal Skull Designer Computer Mouse

If you have a fancy for cute pirate skulls like most girls lately you might like this new mouse from Pat Says Now. This Crystal Skull Designer Computer Mouse features the more cutesy skull instead of the punk style.


Skullcandy keeps you cozy in the winter months to come

Every winter I find myself shivering to death, being a smaller female and a sissy on top of it I usually feel like I’m dying from the cold. This usually begins when it drops below 65 degrees. Well Skullcandy has come out with a pair of headphones that keeps sissies like me warm and cute and the same time, not to mention entertained.


The Nintendo NES Controller Reversible Necklace

For all the chick gamers determined to show your gaming pride out for all the world to see, this simple little necklace might be just the thing.


The Hello Kitty Deco Seal

For all of the gaming Hello Kitty fanatics now you can pretty up your DS Lite with the Hello Kitty Deco Seal.

The set comes with three high-quality vinyl decals to make sure every single inch of your DS is covered with Hello Kitty goodness. If it weren’t bad enough that its Hello Kitty the decal is overly frilly with butterflies and flowers. Not to mention very, pink.

It can be removed without damaging your DS and of course it does protect it from fading. To get the deco seal it will cost you $16.

Hello Kitty Deco Seal for DS Lite is all pink [via gizmodiva]

The Knomo Slim Laptop Case for the professional ladies

With fall quickly approaching new laptop cases are popping up like daisies, especially for women. Knomo has a line specifically designed for the MacBook Pro, don’t worry it does fit others as well.


Toshiba Fanfun 815T features 240 million possiblities in one little phone

If you’re looking for a cell phone that is a bit more personalized this Toshiba fanfun 815T from the firm Softbank in Japan is just the phone. Especially for us girls, thre are a couple I could see some guys dealing with but frankly for the most part the styles are quite feminine.


The J’tote Laptop Bag – utterly terrifying

Eek some purple blob just ate my laptop! Oh, never mind apparently it’s actually a laptop bag, my mistake.


Chic Laptop Cases from Abbi New York

If you’re in the market for a chick friendly laptop case here is yet another fun option to change up all the drab black and tan cases currently on the market. The Abbi New York’s laptop boutique offers not one but several different options, none of which are tan.


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