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The Altec Lansing MUZX earphones

I have from time to time gotten annoyed over technology geared towards women and girls turning out to be pretty, but excessively lacking in the specs department. These earbuds from Altec Lansing is a refreshing change from that issue.

For all those drawn to all that sparkles and shines these cute little earbuds feature enough Swarvoski Crystals to keep anyone satisfied. It also features a snug fit for those more petite girly ears as well as a bit of passive noise reduction.


The Blossom Pendant Lamp

If you have a thing for pretty pendant lamps and can’t wait another minute for spring to come, this lamp kills two worms with one bird, that or two stones with one bird. I’m not sure which, I never was that great at throwing around deep and meaningful quotes. This flower lamp not only features a bright and cheerful design, it offers a bit of creative customization as well.

The petals on the flower are bendable, so you can place the flower in any position you like. It also features a low voltage energy saving bulb, making it slightly more eco-responsible. Frankly, if I could afford it I’d add several of these during the dreaded winter months to cheer me up when it’s so dreary outside.


Kensington offers the Contour Balance laptop bags

Kensington is offering a line just for the women who need to tote about their laptop on a regular basis. Although they don’t offer bright and shining colors, they do offer a slightly more logical design.


Boynq Alibi Review – Cute and Fun Webcam-Speaker Combo

When they can fit a webcam into a milimeter-depth notch in a laptop’s screen bezel, a manufacturer would have to be offering something pretty impressive to sell one standing eight inches tall on your desktop. But Boynq are positioning their Alibi unit as something more interesting than a simple way to video chat with your parents; it may be a 1.3-megapixel webcam with integrated speakers and microphone, but what you’re really paying for is the design. Like some monstrous limb cinched in with the brushed-finish silver volume band, the Alibi’s selling point is its pop-up, twist & rotate camera. SlashGear braved vague and unsettling memories of War of the Worlds and put the Alibi through its very purple paces.


Stella McCartney’s line of computer sleeves

Laptop bags more and more are getting to look a bit more stylish. With mainstream designers creating their own lines it gives us a lot more options to choose from. Well apparently Stella McCartney has jumped on the band wagon and created three very cute laptop sleeves.


Plastic People’s pretty pink laptop bag

Valentines day has all kinds of pink and red things popping up, some are cute, others make me want to throw up a little. This cute little bag falls somewhere in between, although I suspect if it had popped up a month later I’d be saying something a bit different.

This big laptop bag is made for anyone that enjoys carrying around half their makeup bag and want to touch up a lot. It features a cute little heart shaped mirror and a matching makeup bag. It also has a removable laptop sleeve that attaches with Velcro.


Baby Quasar – Age Reducing Technology?

People will do anything to look younger, especially women. It’s kind of ridiculous but people will be buy snake oil in any form. Baby Quasar claims to be the best all around skin care tool.


The Portal Weighted Companion Cube Dangler and Necklace

I have no idea how it happened but it seems all of my posts today have been over products that are either pink or adorned with hearts. I swear I haven’t gone mad over Valentine’s Day, it just turned out that way I suppose. Well straight from Etsy comes the Weighted Companion Cube Dangler as well as the necklace.


Incase sells laptop sleaves in a pretty pink

Sometimes even the most simple cases need a burst of color to make your day a little brighter. There’s something about a simple case shining in your favorite color that makes it okay that you’re toting around your laptop when you’d rather be relaxing someplace warmer.


Persida Lapsac laptop bag

Any woman who tends to enjoy carrying around half of everything she owns in her purse might need a bigger laptop bag as well. This laptop bag can be used as more of a day to day bag, while still looking casual. In the picture shown by itself, it doesn’t seem to be that large of a bag. Yet when shown on the arm of the model, it is quite obvious it could hold enough to keep any pack rat happy.


Tagan IcyBox Hot Pink Hard Drive Case

I have to say I’m slightly offended by the “Ladies will love this” tag that came attached to the hot pink IcyBox. Just because something’s pink doesn’t mean all girls will instantly salivate over it. That being said, I kind of like it, it’s cute.


A cuddly Mario Scarf

This scarf is for all the girl gamers who feel like they don’t get enough cute gamer gear. Straight from Etsy as usual, this little scarf gives a feminine twist to the classic Mario mushroom. Besides that it looks like something I’d want to curl up with. That is, if it were slightly larger, like a blanket.


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