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Verona Suede Laptop Bag from Elif

If you really don’t like your laptop bag looking like a laptop bag Elifbags have a nice little alternative for you. We’ve all seen the oversized purses, so they have taken advantage of that and made a laptop bag that looks exactly like that

The bag is a stylish alternative to the cookie cutter boring bags that still seem to be in every Best Buy and Staples around. It also has a detachable phone and PDA pocket that comes housed with a magnet.

The bag will fit up to 15.4” laptops and has little metal feet on the bottom to protect it from dirt and being scraped on the ground. It is being sold for $499.

[via shinyshiny]

Lucky Brand’s Geisha portable speakers

Anyone who enjoys a lot of Asian artwork might enjoy these portable speakers which feature a design that is traditional Asian style mixed with a bit of pop-art. Also if you aren’t a fan of your speakers floating around in your bag without any protection, this hardshell zipper pouch might be better for those that are a little less graceful.


The Solar Energy Purse keeps your gadgets going

It seems like solar gadgets are popping up like daisies anymore. Well here is one slightly more fashionable gem, that allows for you to charge up your little gadgets on the go. Even when it isn’t in direct sunlight it has a battery it can run off of.


The Video Game Controller Bracelet

I typically would really like to find gaming jewelry that I like, but rarely have found anything that I feel the need to rush out and buy. This cute little charm bracelet, although gaming oriented has that cute girly twist.


The Cutie Monkeys USB Hub

I have always said that I wanted to own a monkey, I’m not sure why, but that was the animal I decided upon. This cute little USB hub is perfect for any girlies that enjoy sassy little monkeys to adorn their very feminine gadgets.


The USB Mirrored Compact Card Reader

Of all the things a woman carries in her purse, somewhere in those terrifying depths is typically a compact of some sort. Now, I say that and I haven’t carried one in several years, however, most women do carry them. This compact actually offers a bit of technology thrown in, and no I don’t mean just pretty LED lights to illuminate your face while riding in dark cars.


Chloe Dao designs a handbag around mobile technology

I have a purse, or at least I call it one, in all honesty it’s technically a tote bag. I have upgraded to that due to the overabundance of gadgets that I have the tendency to carry around. Many women have the same dilemma, Choe Dao has created a technology handbag just for that reason.


Gribbits add cheesy flair to your earbuds

These accessories for earbuds make me want to cry a little. The trend started a bit cute and even pretty on occasion but now it has gone much too far within a fairly short period of time. These very sad Gribbits look like they should be neatly packaged at the local dollar store or flea market.


The extremely shiny Diamente USB Mouse

A mouse for the general public is typically a boring accessory to an average computer. However, for those of us that live and breath through the computer we need awe-inspiring accessories to accompany it. This sparkly mouse is just the thing to sit next to any pink and/or sparkly keyboard.


Juicy Couture Laptop Cases feature bright Spring colors

If you’re going crazy waiting for the flowers to pop up and add a bit of color to the seemingly brown and gray landscape, you might try snagging a colorful laptop bag to tide you over. This Juicy Couture bag is perfect to remind you of the warm months to come.


Chic Moonsus laptop bags

Although I tend to bash on boring leather laptop cases quite a bit, just because they are leather doesn’t always mean they are boring. These chic bags from Moonsus are offered in enough colors and styles to give quite a bit of a variety.


The Zelda Corset offers a bit of geeky sex appeal

Not all geek girls like to show their geeky colors by wearing all sorts of gaming and tech inspired fashion, however, it is fun from time to time. This Zelda corset is definitely one way to show your pride in one of the classic games we all know and love.


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