Gigabyte W251-G5 – Small, sleek, but still packs some power

I’m not a huge fan of smaller laptops, mostly because I hate sacrificing my larger screens. However, when I’m traveling to shows I do get burdened by carrying around a larger (and bulkier) laptop. So I’m almost thinking that I need to get a smaller notebook just so I’m not weighed down. This new one from Gigabyte looks pretty appealing.


Gigabyte set to release their first UMPC next week

Gigabyte Technology has decided to throw their hat into the ring with other UMPC makers with their own U60 model.


Gigabyte mini-DTX motherboard offers compact dual-core grunt

Looking at Intel’s new mini-ITX board that Scott wrote about earlier, but disappointed by the Celeron 215 processor?  Gigabyte might have the answer with their slightly-larger but still compact Churchill mini-DTX motherboard, capable of sporting CPUs from the Athlon 64 or Sempron single or dual-core ranges.



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