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Supermandolini’s Floppy Disc coasters

Supermandolini has created coasters for geeks. You might be wondering why we geeks need special coasters and the answer is simple. It is merely, because we can, that’s why. These coasters are fashioned after the extremely outdated floppy disk.

I’ve seen other geeky coasters before, some made out of old recycled circuit boards, however, I do believe these are my new favorites. Yes, you could use real floppy disks and it would likely be cheaper, however, they might get a little wobbly after a while. Plus, these are cooler.


The UFO Lamp for space geeks

For all those that can’t quite let go of their love of aliens and UFO’s, this little light might be a cool accessory to add to your bedroom in the basement of your mother’s house. Alright, in all fairness it is pretty cool lamp, even if it does appear a bit childish to your significant other.


The Nintendo Controller Pouch

You have to love those crafty gamers. They don’t just toil away on games all day, they actually utilize a craft and show their love of games through it. Making the rest of us just look a bit on the lazy side. Well, even if you don’t have that crafty gene, you can carry around one of these pouches with pride.


Keyboard keys used for Cellphone charms

Who knew that someone could make the keys off of a keyboard actually mean something besides their original intended use. Like bracelets with secret meanings each key has a cute little definition that comes with it.


Crafty Gaming Scarves

You have to love all the unique gamer fashion that pops up from time to time. I have said several times that Etsy is a great place to find great gamer and geek fashion. This time there is the 1UP scarf as well as the Pac Man Ghost Scarf both from the seller UrbanPrincess.


The Velvet Invador laptop cases

I came across Velvet Idole’s more chic laptop cases on a different blog. I decided to check out Velvet’s site only to discover that not only do they have chic handmade laptop cases, but space invader ones too. Then even better, they have the same styles for their iPod cases and PSP cases.


The Binary Code Tie shows your hatred for ties

I have never met a person that got excited over wearing a tie. No one actually enjoys wearing one, but occasionally it becomes absolutely necessary. This binary code tie is just the way to rebel while still following the rules.

The tie decoded simply says ‘Ties Suck’ a statement that most people would indeed agree with. Even women have come to recognize ties are the male version of pointy toed high heals. Besides, we geeks cannot conform to the normal standards, we have to stand out somehow.

Likely no one will have any idea what the tie says, but at least you can feel exhilarated by secretly showing your distaste. To snag one of your own it will cost you $24.99.

‘Ties Suck’ Tie
[via fashionably geek]

The 8-Bit Guitar Strap

I have been looking for months for a guitar strap to go with my collection of Guitar Hero and Rock Band guitars. Unfortunately I always look for something completely off the wall and with a bit of geeky influence, which means it’s doubtful I’ll find one at the local music store. However, my search is finally over, this 8-Bit Guitar Strap is just the thing.


The Rebel Necklace from the beloved Etsy

Etsy once again has dished out another geeky little gem, this Rebel Necklace. Anyone who knows enough about Star Wars to recognize the symbol is likely to be drawn to it.


J!NX’s gift list is fun for both sexes

As a female geek I often notice situations that are strongly leaning toward the male geeks. In all fairness sometimes it does get exaggerated a bit by some, but it still does get obnoxious from time to time. Especially when suggested gift lists for girls suggest jewelry and clothes; then the guys is full of Palm Pilots and all kinds of cool toys. Which makes it highly refreshing when I saw this year’s Jinx gift list for both girl and guy geeks.


The Emoticon Transforming Stamp

About a month ago my sister-in-law enthusiastically tried to con me into going to a party where they sit around and put teddy bear stamps on everything. I believe they call it a scrapbooking party, although she only came back with greeting cards. I of course turned her down flat, then again if I’d have had this stamp I might have considered it.


Millennium Falcon computer mod

In more recent years I’ve become a bit of a Star Wars dork, I probably would have as a kid but I didn’t see the trilogy until about 6 years ago. I know, I was a sheltered child. These days though, I’m always a sucker for Star Wars inspired toys and gadgets. This computer mod definitely gives me that warm fuzzy feeling.


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