LED Pong Coffee Table tutorial & video demo

Take 4096 LEDs, 64 RGB microcontrollers and four Atari joysticks, throw them (with some degree of accuracy) at a coffee table, and you might get this: a four-way Pong table.  The whole top surface of the table has been turned into an LED array, the result of a two-year project by SparkFun Electronics.

Check out the video of the LED Pong coffee table after the cut


The Full-Motion Gyroxus Game Chair

If those silly cheap gaming chairs with built in speakers aren’t quite hardcore enough for you, this full-motion game chair should be. It is meant for you to become able to be fully immersed in your game.


The Bed Beam shoots rays of light from under your bed

If you’d like to wake up every morning feeling like a ray of #@!%* sunshine, well then this is the bed for you. This bright and shining bed shoots rays out from underneath your bed as if the sun rose and set from out of your ass mattress.


The Doc XL Sofa transforms into a bunk bed

If you’re low on space, but like having guests over this couch would be nice option.  Especially if your guests tend to be younger, this is obviously not something you set up for Grandma on a weekend visit.  Well, I suppose that depends on how much you want her to come back sometime.


The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

The Allume Retractable Light for versatile lighting

As I type this up, I am currently staring at the chandelier in my dining room. The rental company decided it hung a little too low. So instead of being thorough and making a nice clean job of shortening the wire they just hooked the chain it hangs from a little higher and let the excess chain and cord sort of hang there.

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The Alternative Clothes Cleaner replaces washer and dryer

Washing machine concepts are rarely anything to get excited over, on occasion there have been some cool designs that would be great for the environment. This new concept will make it possible to hide your laundry in plain site.


Cardboard Grandfather Clock – matches pizza box tables

If you can’t afford a large intricate grandfather clock and want to horrify your older relatives, this little clock ought to do the trick. Even the younger generation might find themselves horrified over it.


The LED Bench seems a bit pointless

Add this one to the section of random devices now with added LED lights. I’m not entirely sure it was necessary but I suppose it does look cool.

The bench is obviously weather resistant, so you can use it both indoors and out. It glows either one color or you can program it to change between several colors.

It’s supposed to be relaxing or something along those lines. This 95w bench is made by a German company and to find out more on pricing you’ll have to actually contact them (which is never good news).

The Digimech clock only looks LED

Alright this incredibly cool clock has a slightly different take on the usual digital clock, by feeding the plastic strips through to show different times. The backing is clear to allow you to watch the gears do their work if you have a fascination for seeing the insides of your tech toys.


The HomeStar Spa turns your bathroom into a planetarium

If you enjoy your baths but candlelight isn’t quite the right mood for you, this cool little planetarium is definitely great for those that are in need of mood lighting. With this you can lay back as it casts pretty starry skies onto your walls.

It makes me wish I could sit still long enough to soak in the tub, however, I just tend to enjoy showers way more. For those that aren’t as squirmy as I am, you can also flip the planetarium over and have it cast different colors and designs into the water itself.

The Homestar Spa from SEGA Toys is being sold for $70. It might also be cool for those with hot tubs to give different lighting than the boring colored bulbs that are usually featured in hot tubs.

[via geekologie]

ErgoMotions Workstation: dentist-style ergonomics

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for ergonomics but I do wonder whether ErgoMotions‘ new Workstation design might remind potential buyers a little too much of a dentist’s chair to make them entirely comfortable. Featuring an industrial rack-mounted PC, twin 19-inch monitors on a custom, speaker-studded retractable arm, VoIP and fully adjustable chair with memory presets, the Phase 1 prototype is intended to make long-term computer use compatible with the requirements of both our bodies and health & safety legislation.


The Tre Table Multi Function Table great for small spaces

Studio apartments and college dorm rooms are typically seriously cramped and all furniture really needs to have more than one function to take advantage of every bit of space available. This Tre Table Multi Function Table is such a grand table they had to use the word table in its name twice.


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