OCZ’s Vertex SSDs to feature Indilink controller

With recent bad press taunting the much-trouble Jmicron’s JMF602 series controllers that’s been reported with drive stuttering, pausing and lagging issues, OCZ has opted to release the new line of Vertex solid state storage, previously announced here, with the Korea-based Indilink Barefoot controller.


Adobe’s New Flash Lite to Support More Phones

Adobe’s New Flash Lite to Support More Phones

Today at Mobile World Congress, Adobe revealed its new Flash Lite - version 3.1. The Advanced Flash Lite features functionality of Adobe Flash 10 and supports more phones than its previous version. Lists of supported devices can be found on Adobe Labs page.

"Flash Lite 3.1 includes the same features as Flash Lite 3.0, such as support for Flash Player compatible video, with some additional enhancements including improved security model for SWF file access. The solution delivers a standalone player for applications, without affecting the Flash Lite browser plug-in or pre-installed standalone player, if present."

Palm has also announced that webOS will be able to run Flash Lite on its Pre phone. Flash Lite 3.1 is currently available on Adobe’s site as public beta for Windows Mobile and Nokia S60 Symbian OS. Now if only Apple would make it easier for Adobe to put Flash on the iPhone, life would be much better for iPhone users.

Micron introduces Serial NAND Flash memory for embedded applications

Micron introduces Serial NAND Flash memory for embedded applications

Today Micron Technology Inc announced a serial NAND flash memory technology, providing embedded applications with the flexibility to easily upgrade their storage capacity. With storage space starting at 1Gb, Micron’s serial NAND flash allows users to easily upgrade storage capacity beyond what is currently available with serial NOR flash, with a significant cost-per-bit advantage.

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