Flash Drive

Corsair Survivor now available in a larger size

If the 2, 4, 8, and 16 gigabyte capacities weren’t large enough for you, you’ll be happy to know they’ve moved up on the binary scale to a new 32GB capacity. These flash drives are nearly impossible to destroy, they are element proof and have had all sorts of nasty things done to them in an effort to figure out just what the physical limits are.


CES 2008: Pinnacle Video Transfer removes the hassle of converting video formats

I don’t know about you, but I hate having to convert my videos to whatever format/dimensions/size the device I am trying to load them onto requires, so you better believe I am happy to hear about what Pinnacle is bringing to the table. You plug in this device, and your choice of iPod Video, iPod Nano 3rd edition, iPod Classic, PSP, or USB flash drive or hard drive and you can instantly start recording to whatever device you just plugged in.


Crucial dropping new SSD drives with an added twist

So, Crucial is dropping their own SSD drives, initially in 32 and 64 gigabyte capacities, but that will likely grow. They connect to your computer via SATA meaning they are hot-swappable, but there is another twist.


Lenovo making Olympic USB drives

Not much is known about these USB flash drives other than they are made by Lenovo, and have a similar design on them as the Lenovo Olympic laptops. Oh, and they look dumb, and cheap, and might contain lead, just kidding about that last one, sort of.

The laptops looked good, the “Cloud of Promise” as they call the swirly design was ingenious, and like I said, on the red-lidded laptop, it looked great. But this flash drive looks like it was made from a Coke can, so they should have stopped with the laptops.


USB Flash Drives get more high tech

USB gadgets will get more ridiculous as time goes on but the original USB gadget, the flash drive, is actually getting smarter. Sure storage is great, but what else can you offer me?


Kanguru USB Duplicator

I see two possible uses for the Kanguru USB Duplicator… The first involves spies; the second involves making a tedious job go faster. While I have high hopes for the former I know the latter will be it’s path.


SanDisk Photo Album helps you get your photos on the big screen with ease

Essentially what this is, is a really nice card reader that also plugs into your TV an makes it really easy to throw your pictures up on the ole TV. There are card slots for the following card types: CF, MS, MS PRO, SmartMedia, xD, SD, and MMC.


Transcend Announces New Ultra Compact Jetflash Line of USB Flash Drive

Transcend, best known for affordable flash media, introduced new line of flash drive to the Jetflash family. The pure white Jetflash V33 is ultra compact (60mm x 16.5mm x 8.1mm) and only weight in 7g. Size is available in 1Gb, 2Gb, 4GB to 8Gb and comes with a lifetime warranty. It supports Windows® Me / 2000 / XP / Vista, Mac OS® 9.0 / OS X and Linux® Kernel 2.4.2 or later. Being the Jetflash family, users has the luxury to download the Jetflash Elite software packagedeveloped to help managing data and increase productivity on the go. The JetFlash elite includes eight handy functions: AutoLogin, PC-Lock, Mobile Favorites, Secret-Zip encryption, Mobile E-mail, DataBackup, Online Update and the My JetFlash browser.

Transcend Press

Rumor: iPhone firmware 1.1.3 might bring voice capture and disk mode

This new update, which somehow still doesn’t hit a major version number, could be released as early as this weekend. The two main features, other than some likely bundled bug fixes and such, are the voice recording and disk mode.


Gothic Flash Drives – They’ll store memory and suck your blood

Everyday flash drives get a makeover. I’ve seen them in every shape, style, color and otherwise. I’ve seen them disguised as other objects and adorned with different gadgets. I have no doubt in my mind that the days to come will bring only more of the same.


Watch with 1GB flash inside

It connects via USB, and compared to some of the other USB watches I have seen, this one actually has some class to it. It’s still kind of ugly with that large blank space at the bottom of the face, but it’s a step in the right direction.

I don’t know if the USB cable is built in, or if there is a mini USB female port in the side of the watch where a cable would connect the watch to your PC. Regardless, I like the idea of combining flash storage with other objects of use, just carrying a flash drive, its easy to lose, but put that flash drive on your wrist and make it both a fashion accessory and a functional time-telling device, and you are far less likely to forget or lose it.


NifNaks features flash drives with personality

Flash drives have been doused in Swarvoski crystals, hidden in chapstick tubes and turned into a humping dog, yet I have seen few that seem as soft and cozy as these two. Generally I’m not that into cool flash drives, but with these are so completely different than the others I have seen that I would love to own them both.


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