NVIDIA 790i SLI Ultra – has more radiator fins that my truck

I know heat dispersion is a hard thing to control, furthermore, I know that the more power we give these chips, capacitors, and all that jazz, the hotter they get, but look at the picture below, at some point you just need to start bundling liquid cooling and give up on the conventional cooling methods. However, the features are strong with this one and it’s a badass motherboard.


Apple patents suggest possible flip phone model coming to iPhone lineup

This patent is more for a new type of screen than for any one actual device. The patent describes a touch-screen type of interface that is transparent and can work from both sides of the screen.


USB Engagement Rings – so you can implement your own geeky proposition

Swarovski have partnered with someone to offer up this USB engagement ring. There even appears to be two different models, but this ring would allow you to carry around a certain amount of data in your engagement ring.


Frontier FRNL – the hardcore version of the MacBook Air

This laptop weighs less than the MacBook Air at 1.249kg compared to the MBA’s 1.36kg, and it’s only marginally larger than the MBA at 296×30.8x209mm with the thinnest point being 12.5mm. The only place where this notebook lacks is in the performance department, but it makes up for it.


WiebeTech RTX200H-QR – the drives go in two by two

WiebeTech has a RAID array that features a grand total of 2 drives. That’s only enough drives for JBOD, RAID 0, and RAID 1. But, it has several different interfaces for connecting to your computer and its and external enclosure.


Best place to find a Wii? At the midnight launch for SSBB

A while back I told you guys that Sam’s Club was going to take pre-orders for Super Smash Bros. What was interesting is that they also decided to do a midnight launch for the game with at least 20 Wiis in stock at each location. I’ve been itching to get myself a Wii for a while now, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

Let me start off by telling you that I’m sick and tired of Winter. I live in the Midwest, and 17-degree weather just sucks. Some of the crazier people started lining up at 8pm in such temperatures. I knew they had 33 consoles in stock, and given the lack of advertising Sam’s Club has done for this event I figured I could wait until 10:30 or so. Thankfully I was correct in my assumption and managed to get there and secure a good spot in line.


ECS G10L – the next one up on the Asus Eee competitor

I like that everyone seems to have already universally recognized that the Eee has won and hasn’t started calling every computer like it that comes out an “Eee Killer”, they’ve settled on competitor, and more precise term. This UMPC puts up some serious competition too offering up integrated HSDPA at 7.2Mbps and probably Bluetooth.


iPhone Enterprise – now with more Microsoft

Apple has been listening to your requests for Push Email, Push calendar, Global Address Lists, IPsec VPN, WPA2/802.1x, certificates and identities, and remote wipe. Well, they are all coming true.


PHONE Mag Live-Blogging Apple’s iPhone SDK announcement today!

It’s been a rumor-packed week since Apple announced they’d be holding a special event today, March 6th, to officially announce the iPhone SDK Roadmap as well as “some exciting new enterprise features”, and we wanted to remind you that over at our cellularly-obsessed sister site PHONE Magazine we’ll be live-blogging the whole event.  The show kicks off at 10am PST – that’s 1pm EST or 6pm GMT – and the place you’ll want to be is http://live.phonemag.com/

Will Steve announce an SDK beta as has been rumored, and leave the full release for later in the year?  Just how draconian are Apple going to be about third-party software, and is iTunes really going to be the only place users can get new apps for their iPhone?  And please, can we have Microsoft Exchange support yet?  We’re hoping to find out the answers to all these questions – and maybe the odd surprise, because we’re greedy like that – when Jobs takes to the stage, so join us later today!

Boynq Alibi Review – Cute and Fun Webcam-Speaker Combo

When they can fit a webcam into a milimeter-depth notch in a laptop’s screen bezel, a manufacturer would have to be offering something pretty impressive to sell one standing eight inches tall on your desktop. But Boynq are positioning their Alibi unit as something more interesting than a simple way to video chat with your parents; it may be a 1.3-megapixel webcam with integrated speakers and microphone, but what you’re really paying for is the design. Like some monstrous limb cinched in with the brushed-finish silver volume band, the Alibi’s selling point is its pop-up, twist & rotate camera. SlashGear braved vague and unsettling memories of War of the Worlds and put the Alibi through its very purple paces.


iPhone SDK apps to require Apple approval and iTunes distribution – I’m So Shocked!

In a move that anyone even remotely familiar with Apple could have seen coming from miles away, even with the SDK Apple wants complete control of what Apps make it onto the iPhone and iPod Touch and complete control of distribution. I don’t think this tidbit has been confirmed, but how likely is it Apple is going to open up any portion of their business model?


MSI GX600-08 notebook – hit the turbo!

This notebook seems rather plain and basic, but deep inside it has a hidden feature. There is a turbo button, it doesn’t magically speed up the computer like the turbo buttons of yore, but it does help with your battery life.