SlashGear TV Week in review Episode 1

SlashGear TV Week in review Episode 1

We hope you enjoyed the pilot episode of SlashGear TV week-in-review.  This week, we are back with episode number 1.  While we're happy with the 25-minute clip, there's still a lot of room for improvements.  That being said, please submit your feed backs as to what you liked, didn't like or want to see more of (within reasons of course).  We're striving to do our best to make each week entertaining as well as informative.

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SlashGear Review – VisionTek Radeon HD 3870 X2 Overclocked

I was impressed when I had a chance to check out VisionTek’s Radeon HD 3870, as it really performed quite well. Now I’ve gotten ahold of its big brother, the Radeon HD 3870 X2. This card also comes from VisionTek, and is the Overclocked Edition, which promises to get a little extra power over the stock version.


SlashGear hands-on at Microsoft Surface Blogger Day 2: More Video!

If you read the first part of our Microsoft Surface Blogger Day report, you’ll know that SlashGear has been hanging out with the Seattle company’s nifty MultiTouch table.  You’ve hopefully had a chance to watch the videos of Surface in action – exploring cellphone details, playing multi-user games, exploring media and more – and, if you’re anything like the rest of us, are getting more and more curious about how Microsoft plan on integrating what they’ve learnt from the project into Windows 7.

Multiple videos from the event after the cut!


SlashGear hands-on at Microsoft Surface Blogger Day 1: Video demo

Vincent has been hanging out with Microsoft at their latest Surface Blogger Event, getting hands-on with the company’s MultiTouch table.  All of the user experiences we’ve heard about over the past few months were out on show, including the Rio iBar gaming, entertainment browser and virtual mini-bar, and AT&T’s in-store use of Surface as a phone information and accessory tool.  They also demonstrated some of the table’s other talents, including its ability to photograph and display, in real-time, anything placed onto it – whether that be money, a drink or even a blogger’s face!

Check out the exclusive hands-on video with Microsoft’s Surface after the cut


First look at Rock Band Wii

Every now and then I open the door to find the FedEx guy holding some very nondescript brown boxes. These are my favorite days, as it generally means something new to review has arrived. The latest boxes weren’t quite so nondescript, as they had the words Rock Band, and Wii.


HP DreamColor LCD hands-on event: 1bn colors & CRT-class images

Last week we took you behind the scenes of DreamWorks Kung Fu Pandaand the brand new server-farm HP put together for the hundreds of animators.  Now we’ve got some more exclusive photos and video for you, this time of the DreamColor monitors HP created to replace the CRTs traditionally relied on in animation and graphics.  Developed with DreamWorks, the HP DreamColor LP2480zx Professional LCD Display is the World’s only color-critical LCD based on HP DreamColor Engine technology: 24-inches of one billion active colors and CRT-class black.

Check out the exclusive videos from the DreamColor event after the cut


Behind the scenes with Kung Fu Panda: SlashGear meets DreamWorks & HP

Giant dancing pandas aren’t usually in the SlashGear remit, not unless they’re robotic or play Blu-ray discs in their multimedia mouths, but when HP and DreamWorks invited us to see how the two companies had created the animated film Kung Fu Panda it was hard to resist.  Hitting movie theaters this week, Kung Fu Panda is the work of the same team behind the Shrek series, and stars Jack Black as voice of Po, the all-kicking, all-dancing titular bear.  While DreamWorks brought the animation talent, HP was responsible for the hardware that made sure creating the movie wasn’t as slow as waiting for pandas to produce some offspring!  We’re often told about how powerful today’s computers are, and all that they’re capable of, but we were blown away by how much processing power it takes to create a feature-length animation.


Nintendo Wii Fit US launch: Video Unboxing & First Impressions

Nintendo’s Wii Fit has finally launched in the US today, and we practically snatched it from the hands of the mailman (he’s pretty used to it) to shoot a video unboxing for you.  We’ll be attempting to recover our sense of balance and put the innovative controller through its paces for a review later, but hands-on first impressions are good.  Rated for up to 300lbs, the Wii Fit may be plastic but it feels sturdy and reassuring and the four non-slip feet are promising for use on wooden floors.

Check out the Wii Fit unboxing video after the cut


10000 blog posts on SlashGear

After 30 months of news, reviews and trade shows, we’re excited to say that SlashGear has reached its 10,000 posts today, this being the 10000th post. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for visiting SlashGear, for leaving comments, for your tips and for generally keeping us on our toes!

We set out to bring you the best in consumer electronics, and we haven’t finished yet. As ever, if you’ve any suggestions please do leave them in the comments section below, or check out the SlashGear forums and join in the conversation there.

LapLogic Aerogel Extreme LapDesks Reviewed

As laptops get faster and better specified, so the potential threat to your lap increases; the market for heat-dissipating mats has increased massively over the past few years. Unlike foam-filled pads or risers bristling with fans, though, LapLogic sandwich a layer of Aerogel – the best thermal insulator known to man, and capable of a 99.9-percent reduction in heat transfer – between non-slip fabric. The company sent SlashGear their G800 Aerogel Extreme LapDesk and its W800 Aerogel Extreme Wide cousin, the latter having an extra mousing area, and we slapped a toasty-warm MacBook Pro down to see just how singed our geeky thighs could get.


SlashGear Review – CoolIT PURE

When you want to get the most performance out of your gaming rig, you’ll naturally want to try and overclock it. However, you have to deal with the excess heat put off by your CPU (or whatever component you’re overclocking). One option is to get a bigger heatsink and throw in some extra fans, which while it may do the trick, it can make your computer sound like a small hurricane. That’s when you should start thinking about a liquid cooling system. They’ll keep your computer running ice cold without creating all of that noise.

Of course if you’ve never actually set up a liquid cooling system, it probably looks a bit overwhelming. There are several different components you’ll need to carefully assemble, not to mention the cost of actually acquiring said parts. To the novice, it can seem like much more work than it’s worth. That’s why this PURE from CoolIT can be quite appealing. It’s a self-contained liquid cooling system that is supposed to be simple install. I’ve had a chance to test one out, and I’ve shot a video of the installation process. Hit the jump to see the results.


Grand Theft Auto: IV is here, with some goodies

Apparently some game called Grand Theft Something-or-Other launched earlier this week. Since people are making such a big deal about it, I figure it’s my duty here at SlashGear to test it out and see what all of the fuss is. Luckily my copy showed up yesterday, so I don’t even need to leave my house, for days.


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