Pricing and availability released for Guitar Hero: On Tour

Just last week we brought you the details on Guitar Hero: On Tour, the latest addition to the Guitar Hero franchise. As the name implies, you’ll be able to take this game anywhere, as it is for the Nintendo DS. The main information we were missing was the price and street date. Hit the jump for the official word on both.


New Force Unleashed DS info revealed

I’ve had my eye on Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for some time (as any Star Wars fan would). However, I’ll admit that I’ve really only had my eye on the information pertaining to the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii versions. Then again, there really hasn’t been much information on the other versions, but today we have a bit of insight into the Nintendo DS version.


Colorware now customizes the DS Lite

Most have heard of Colorware but if you haven’t they are known for allowing you to add a bit of custom coloring to your gadgets, everything from laptops to Blackberries have been done in the past. Now they are adding the DS Lite to the list.

If you’ve never checked out their site you can go through and just click different colors and immediately see what your DS might look like. You can even hit the brainstorm button and it will give you different color configurations. Some of the combinations I’ve seen look way too cheesy, but the nice thing is that it isn’t just slapping on a single color.


Nine year old jacked for her PSP – this is not a joke

In what is quite possibly the funniest and most horrible thing I’ve heard all day a 9-year old girl was kicked by an older (16-18) year old boy only to have her PSP taking. It’s literally as easy as taking candy from a baby.

Am I a horrible person for laughing at this story? Probably, but not near as horrible as the boy from Great Hollands, Bracknell who committed the act on Monday.


Pirates of Crystal Chronicles are greeted with a very thankful screen

With the rise of high-speed internet came an increase in pirated goods. Anything from music to movies and video games are tossed up on the internet for all to download only a short time after (or sometimes before) they are released for purchase. After being out for only a very short while, a pirated ROM of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles appeared, and was downloaded by many. What makes this game different is that while the pirates are able to get ahold of it with ease, they are finding it rather difficult to actually keep playing it.


Gamer proposes via a hacked DS

I’ve always wondered how I’d propose to the girl of my dreams. I’d like to think that I’d do it in some geeky fashion related to video games, because the girl of my dreams would be just as big of a geek as I am. Well one lucky gamer found himself a girl that loves her DS, and found a pretty geeky way to propose to her, via a hacked game of Bejeweled.


Cool DS skins add a little color and texture

Every time I hear that Nintendo will be releasing a new color for the DS lite, I start to wonder how much I could get out of my boring white one. So far I haven’t been tempted quite enough to follow through, but I am starting to get tired of staring at that white shell. I may very well look into one of these protectors which will add a bit of color.


Black matte DS lite out in the open

We’ve seen the DS in many colors and guises, both official and unofficial. While I like the look of some of the custom jobs, I’m really taking a liking to this black matte finish.


Run Quake II on your Nintendo DS

I love my Nintendo DS, but I was just thinking to myself the other day how it could be so much better. I need some old-school Quake II action. Alright, that’s a complete lie, but now that I think of it, it would be cool (provided it could actually run). Apparently a group of hackers have managed to make it happen.


Cheap dock is perfect for lazy DS owners (like me)

I’ll admit that I’m actually pretty bad about plugging in my DS (and my phone). My excuse is really rather poor too. I hate dealing with the stupid cord, it’s so ugly draped across my desk that I keep it tucked away in a drawer. Now if I had a dock, it might be a different story.


Add some extra thump (and weight) to your DS

I carry my Nintendo DS almost everywhere with me. Seriously, when I leave the house there are three things I always grab: my wallet, phone and DS. With that said, I like the fact that it is both light and slim, as it fits quite easily in my pocket. Sure, I’ve got larger coat pockets in the winter, but I still like to keep the weight down to a minimum. That’s why I don’t really get this latest attachment for the portable console.


Circuit City reveals Cobalt Blue Nintendo DS Lite

I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo changed their motto for the DS to “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.” While it’s always cool to see some of my favorite gadgets in a multitude of colors, I’m beginning to wonder how long Nintendo is going to stretch out the release of all of these colors. The latest rumor is that we’ll be seeing a Cobalt Blue/Black DS Lite sometime in the near future.


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