The Hello Kitty Deco Seal

For all of the gaming Hello Kitty fanatics now you can pretty up your DS Lite with the Hello Kitty Deco Seal.

The set comes with three high-quality vinyl decals to make sure every single inch of your DS is covered with Hello Kitty goodness. If it weren’t bad enough that its Hello Kitty the decal is overly frilly with butterflies and flowers. Not to mention very, pink.

It can be removed without damaging your DS and of course it does protect it from fading. To get the deco seal it will cost you $16.

Hello Kitty Deco Seal for DS Lite is all pink [via gizmodiva]

DIY – Rumble Pak for your Nintendo DS

If you’ve longed for both a use for your old Pokemon Pinball cart and a rumble pak for your DS Lite, you’re in luck. Someone has discovered a way to make a rumble pak out of that old cartridge.

I never actually bothered to play Pokemon Pinball, but the game actually had a rumble feature built into the cartridge. The rumble motor is far too large for this mod, so the motor out of an old Nokia phone was used.


Gamestop already taking pre-orders for Phantom Hourglass

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass release date was just announced. If you’re really eager to get your hands on a copy, you’ll still have to wait until October, but Gamestop will let you make sure that there will be a copy sitting behind their counter with your name on it.


Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass gets October release date

If you’re looking forward to your getting your next Zelda fix, The Phantom Hourglass has received an official US launch date of October 1 2007.


Rumor – A smaller DS on the way?

When the DS Lite came out, people rejoiced because it was so much smaller than the original. Now there is talk of an even smaller version of the DS.


Pikachu yellow Nintendo DS

A select few of Japanese gamers will have the opportunity to buy an obnoxiously yellow Pikachu themed Nintendo DS Lite. Not only will they have to fork out the cost for the unit but those who want the yellow DS must go to the Pokemon center in person and enter in a lottery just to have the chance to buy one.


Nintendo releases web browser for the DS

Anymore I have two essential gadgets that I carry around, my phone and my DS. One keeps me in contact with the rest of the world via phone, IM and email. The other keeps me entertained. Soon however, my DS will be able to provide me with access to the internet as well.


Plundr- first ever location-based game debuts on DS

This week at Where 2.0 developer area/code released their first location-based Nintendo DS game. Plundr is based on the popular PC title of the same name, utilizing Wi-Fi the game uses a built-in positioning system giving the player different islands and content based on the player’s physical location on earth. The different islands offer the ability to buy and sell goods. And if bartering isn’t for you there is always the option to fight for the items you want.


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