DoCoMo F801i is the rape whistle of the digital age

So, there has been an increasing problem with kids being snatched on their way to and/or from school in Japan. So, what does DoCoMo think the solution is?


Sound Leaf+ bone conduction Bluetooth headset from NTT DoCoMo

This is pretty much as good as it gets for being able to hear your Bluetooth headset. The only issue I can see, is that if you are in a noisy enough environment where you need bone conduction to hear, then there is no way that the person you are talking to will be able to hear or understand what you are saying.

It does have dual mic’s, one directional, one not, which should help with that problem though. And even if it doesn’t, the headset is supposedly still good for those with hearing disabilities as bone conduction works a little differently than sound waves.


NTT DoCoMo d905i by Mitsubishi leaked

Talk about a gorgeous screen!  This, friends and pixies, is Mitsubishi’s d905i, set to form part of NTT DoCoMo’s winter line-up of its high-end 905 range.  And the crowning glory really does have to be its 3.1-inch 480×864 WVGA+ 262k colour display, on which you can enjoy such pleasantries as the full MSN Messenger experience, HTML email and more.



Auctions on your Cellphone: Rakuten & DoCoMo form mobile bid alliance

Blimey, here’s a happy looking girl!  Could it be that she’s heard the news that online shopping giant Rakuten Inc. (who appear to be sponsoring her snazzy, if seasonally-unsuitable, uniform) has partnered up with carrier NTT DoCoMo to offer online cellphone and PC auctions in Japan?  From Monday, DoCoMo subscribers will be able to bid for computers from the comfort of their own cellphones, while come November 20th there’ll be cellphones themselves auctioned off.


Sony’s Bravia range bolstered… by a cellphone

Now either this new DoCoMo Sony cellphone is a whole lot bigger than the typical Japanese handsets we’re used to envying, or despite its Bravia branding it’s a whole lot smaller than the company’s range of glorious TVs.  I’m thinking the latter, although the huge QVGA screen does use the same Reality MAX technology that’s stuffed into Sony HD offerings. 


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