Rock Band Weekly DLC – SXSW tracks

It’s Tuesday, which means more DLC for Rock Band on the 360. Thursday will be here soon enough for the PS3 owners in the crowd. This week we’ve got some special $.99 tracks for you.


Two new DLC packs coming to Guitar Hero III

Since I got Rock Band back in November of last year, I’ve only played Guitar Hero III a few times. It’s not that GH III isn’t a good game (it is, really) it’s just that after playing the same songs over and over, you kind of want something new to play. Rock Band has been more than accommodating with their weekly DLC releases. However we’ve just gotten word  that for the second straight week there will be new Guitar Hero III DLC.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – Grateful Dead

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means. Not only is today the day that Wimpy promised to pay you back for that hamburger, it also means that there are new tracks to download for Rock Band. Up this week is one of the long-awaited Grateful Dead packs. Hit the jump for the track listing.


Rock Band Weekly DLC – NIN

Remember that leaked Rock Band DLC list for March? No, not the big giant list that was found inside of a file in the latest DLC pack, but rather the one released in OXM at the beginning of the month. Well if you were looking for a bit of info to let you know just how accurate the list is, I’ve got just what you’re looking for. I’m going to say that they were off by a bit, since Harmonix has just announced three of those tracks which will be available for download tomorrow, not in March.


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