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Closer inspection of the Samsung Upstage

Vincent wrote a great hands-on with the Samsung Upstage, but he’s a busy guy running around the CTIA wireless show. I thought I would go back through some of the details of Samsung’s new offering that he might have missed.


New video clip of the HTC shift

With all of the great products at CTIA this year, it seems like we just keep going back to the HTC Shift. We can’t help it, it’s just awesome. Vincent knows how much we loved his pictures that he went back for a short video clip.

Unfortunately for Vincent, the Shift was kept behind glass, so he didn’t get to play with it while he was there. He did get to take some nice pictures and capture this short clip for us.

The Shift is HTC’s first UMPC, and so far, it looks great. It has a 7-inch display that looks absolutely stunning, a 30GB hard drive, and a 1.2 Ghz VIA CPU. Expect to get your own hands-on review when these come out in Q3 this year.

Samsung Upstage hands on and unboxing video

I was very impressed with the Sprint Upstage, also known as Samsung M620 or F300 when I first saw it at CeBIT. I managed to score a unit of my own to play, and so far it’s been a pleasant experience.

Samsung and Sprint have done a great job keeping the Upstage in the price range of $150, considering how featured packed it is. First of all, it’s the first of its kind, a doctor Jekyll and Hyde kinda phone – if you will. On one side is a large screen for watching TV or videos. There a pseudo scroll wheel that doesn’t scroll in the traditional sense. It lacks any tactile feedback and does not rotate, and it’s sensitive to the touch of your finger when you slide your thumb up and down or side ways. So out of the box, don’t expect the Upstage to act and feel like your iPod.


SlashGear Review: Sprint’s new rugged Vision SCP-7050

Phones have, over the past ten years, been getting more and more attractive. Unfortunately, the leaps and bounds in product design generally haven’t been matched in physical toughness; you either treat your handset with pretty much kid-gloves, or take out expensive phone insurance that covers you in case you sit on/drive over/feed to a dog your precious mobile.

There have been a few rugged phones before, and many more pseudo-rugged who used lashings of rubber and “extreme” case stylings to give an impression of hardiness, but they’ve often been under-spec’d and just plain ugly. Sprint have obviously heard the plaintive cries of the clumsy and the dangerous, and so today they’re launching the Vision Phone SCP-7050; not only is it built to military specification 810F (which means it can withstand shock, vibration and dust) but it has onboard GPS and access to the Sprint Vision service of, amongst other things, internet access and email.


Two new phones debut from LG

LG is showing off a couple of new phones at the CTIA Wireless show; the powerful LG VX9400 and the thin and stylish LG570. Vincent was lucky enough to get his hands on them for a little while today.

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More HTC Pictures: HTC Advantage

We were fortunate to see one of the new HTC products that we’ve heard so much about at the CTIA Wireless show in Orlando, and we’ve got some great pictures for you.


Close-up shots of the new HTC Shift

If you liked the new Advantage from HTC, you’re going to love their new Shift. It’s like having an Advantage that is faster and runs Windows Vista. Our own Vincent was able to snag a few shots of the new Shift.

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CTIA Wireless: New Phones debut from Pantech

Today mobile phone manufacturer announced the release of five new US phones including the “world’s smallest camera flip phone.”

First up we’ll look at the Pantech C3b which is an update to their “world’s smallest camera flip phone.” It has a few new features including Bluetooth and changeable color faceplates. You’ll also see mobile email, a VGA camera with flash and 4x digital zoom, an instant messaging client, and even a flashlight. All of this is crammed into a tiny 69 x 43 x 20.3mm package.


Helio Ocean

UPDATE 5/11/2007:

First things first: sod the iPhone. Yeah, you read right, forget about it. Stop saving 10-percent of your pay-packet every month, don’t sign 18 to 24 months of your life away to Cingular, think laterally, not with the crowd. Helio have just blown everyone out of the water, and ironically they’ve done it with the Ocean.

Dual-slide for both number pad and full QWERTY. 3G for screaming downloads. Two-megapixel camera with flash, GPS, full HTML browser, 2.4-inch 260k colour QVGA display, on-board stereo speakers, 200MB of internal memory and microSD for more than 2GB more, USB Mass Storage Mode with PC and Mac compatibility… I’m throwing all this out in one fat chunk because if I were to talk you through it we’d be here all day.


It’s Girls World too, so why should the boys have all the fun?

It’s Girls World too, so why should the boys have all the fun?

This much anticipated direct to consumer site is fast-becoming a necessary online destination where the girls of the world can mix and mingle in a new online girls club hang-out with all the frills and frou frou trappings that stylish women adore and fashionistas demand. http://www.limelife.com

“We recognize the web’s important role in driving women’s awareness of mobile content,” said Kristin McDonnell, CEO, LimeLife Inc. “At Limelife women can discover and purchase mobile content, including a wide selection of fashion wallpapers, subscriptions to lifestyle text messages, and a variety of entertaining games.

According to a survey conducted by the company, 30% of women who have downloaded content to their phones learned about that content through the web, making it one of the top three channels for discovery. In addition, over 30% of women who haven’t downloaded mobile content say they cannot find any that appeals to them.

Focusing on women’s mobile lifestyles, LimeLife is looking to fill this void by helping female consumers access new and compelling ways to use their mobile phones.

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Turning mobile phones into handheld navigation systems

Turning mobile phones into handheld navigation systems

Do you spend too much of your time in the car traveling from one appointment to another with MAPQUEST print outs in the passenger seat? Thank goodness MAPQUEST has launched a MUST-HAVE service extension to its already popular brand called MAPQUEST NAVIGATOR. http://www.mapquest.com/mobile/

In a nutshell, MAPQUEST NAVIGATOR is a Global Position System (GPS) enabled application that provides a seamless voice guided navigational experience, turn-by-turn directions, and moving maps – all while allowing the cell phone user to receive phone calls.

Just like the more expensive in car navigation systems (priced between $600 and $2000), MAPQUEST NAVIGATOR downloads a large corridor of route information, so in the event you enter a bad cell reception area, the auto route is able to continue guidance and reroute once cell reception is reestablished.

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Multimedia and mobile blogging app

Multimedia and mobile blogging app

Taking advantage of the capacity and capability of expanding 3G networks, the WALKMAN phones also boast video conferencing capabilities, streaming video applications, GPS Bluetooth navigational capabilities, and hundreds of incredible JAVA 3D games titles that will keep users busy indefinitely.

Additionally, for the blogger happy mobile user, WALKMAN phones come pre-loaded with SHOZU’s image sharing service that enables end-users to quickly transmit camera phone videos and photos, at a high resolution, to many popular Internet blogging platforms, personal blog sites and citizen photojournalism sites, without suspending phone calls or other phone activities while the image is transferring, or having to start over if the connection is dropped. The service also enables users to add descriptions and tags either before or after uploading, and receive and reply to online comments posted at the destination sites without waiting to get to their computers. http://www.shozu.com.

Until Apple introduces its own branded iPhone, consumers will be hard pressed to find as good a cellular based music device. Until then, for more on iTunes compatible phones http://www.apple.com/itunes/mobile.

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